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15 watt , 1 x 12" All valve hand made in NSW. Features Eminence Patriot "Red Whiteand Blue" speaker. Low usage!

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VOX - V125

Made in UK early 1980s! 125 watt 2X12" ! Original Speakers! Recently Re-valved! Creamy enveloping distortion and warm cleans. Very nice amp.

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Marshall - Valvestate AVT 2000

AVT100 preamp . 100 Watt Solid Sate Combo with Valve preamp! Features a plethora of built in modelling effects and tones! Comes with 4-way footswitch!

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Orange - PPC412

240 watt 4x12" 16Ω mono/stereo cab *Made in England *Contains Celestion Vintage 30's

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Roland - Cube 60

60 watt 1x12" with COSM effects & amp modelling. Made in Japan. Awesome Paisley Cube aka 'The Pube'

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Ashdown Engineering - Mag 410T Deep

450 Watt 4X10" & Horn @ 8Ω

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Ashdown Engineering - MAG 600

600 watts RMS at 4 Ohms. Missing Sub in out Knob, but still functions.

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Econ - EBV-20

Practise amp. Nice sound.

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Peavey - Max 158 Bass

15 Watt 1 x 8 " Bass Combo Practice Amp!

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Fender - Blues Junior III

15 watt 1x12" running EL-84's. Spring reverb. Fender Special Design Eminence speaker. Made in Mexico

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Jensen - C10R

10" Speaker 8Ω. Pulled from a Reissue Fender Princeton. 25 Watts, very low use!

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YAMAHA - JA 3802

15" speaker. 120 watts. 8 ohm. Made in Japan 1970s. A good, solid, classic speaker.

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Weber - MASS 100

Attentuator for Amplifiers! 2, 4, 8 and 16ohm operation! Allows full attenuation up to 60 Watts and partial attenuation for amps between 60 and 100 Watts. Excellent Condition!

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Fender - Deluxe Reverb

'65 Re-issue 2 Channel 22 Watt valve Combo - Tube Rectifier and 6V6 Power section! 1X12" w/Reverb & Vibrato. Includes Manual!

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Ibanez - TN120

Thermion 120 watt All Valve head. 4 x 6L6 power valves. 5 x 12AX7 preamp valves. 2 channels - Vintage and Hot. Great tones and lots of power! Includes 3 way foot switch

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Laney - VC30

2 channel 30 watt 1x12" class A valve combo. *Four new Sovtek EL84 power tubes!*

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Ampeg - SVT-200T

320W @ 4ohms, 200W @ 8ohms. XLR and1/4" direct out. 3 knobs missing. Recently repaired by Jereme Clingan.

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Ampeg - SVT-350HW

Solid State SVT! 350 Watts with Graphic EQ! MADE IN THE USA! Earlier mid 1990's model. Recently serviced by Jereme Clingan!

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Pearl - SS-061

Vintage 1970's Made in Japan - Rehoused in a copper steel case - Solid State Amp 60 Watts - 1x12" Speaker *Reverb Tank Removed*

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Hotone - Mojo Diamond

Nano Legacy Series Amplifier Head. 5 awesome watts! So petite and powerful!

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Marshall - G50RCD

Park Series 2 Channel 50 Watt 1X12" w/Reverb

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Celestion - G12P-80

PAIR OF SEVENTY 80 series 80 watt 12" 8Ω. *AS NEW / OUT OF NEW AMP*

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Warm Audio - WA12

Discrete microphone pre-amplifier. Based on the Classic 312 style preamp and uses unique component choices that give it a very warm, exciting, opulent tone. w/ 24V AC PSU and manual.

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Jade - Hurricane BASS 100

100 Watt 1X15" Combo - Good Solid Amp! *Compressor non functioning but compression is sin anyway*

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30 Watt Guitar Amp with Preamp Valve - Spring Reverb and Overdrive Channel!

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Fender - M-80

Made in USA. 2 Channel 80 watt Combo. Clean and overdrive. 1x12". w/ reverb, cover & manual

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Unknown - Speaker Cabinet

Former Behringer combo converted to 12" tilt back cab, with 100W Lorantz speaker.

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Laney - A1 Plus

80 Watt Acoustic Amp - Footswitchable - FX Loop - Built in FIX - 2 dual XLR/line inputs - Anti Feedback

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ValveTone - IMPACT MkIV

NEW! Mark 4 of the Valvetone Impact model!
Australian made, hand wired, point-to-point.
All valve 2 watts, using 2 x 6F4P and 1 x 12AX7
Master Volume control. 8 hm speaker output, can also drive 4 or 16 ohm cabs.
Enhanced gain control available using a two button footswitch (not included)
Single tone control, augmented by 3-way 'gain' and 'bright' switches
Line Out socket for connection to mixing desk or larger amp
Includes spare set of 6F4P output valves
BRAND NEW with 12 Month Warranty
Check out:

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ValveTone - Zeal 5

• Australian made, hand-wired, point-to-point.
• All valve, five watts, using 2 x 6BM8, 1 x 12AX7
• Single tone control, augmented by 3-way 'gain' and 'bright' switches
• Master volume to control level without substantial tone change
• 8 ohm speaker output, but can also drive 4 or 16 ohm cabs • Works well with pedals
• Prototype/demonstration amplifier with 3-month warranty

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Fender - Rumble 100

100 Watt 1x15" Bass Combo! Features D.I. out, CD in, effects loop and super awesome glowing red light!!! On Castors

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Herofon - Speaker box

Film projector speaker box, 1x6" 10 watt Yamaha speaker.

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Legend - LEPA 80R

80 watts. 4 channel mixing amp. Built in reverb. Very useful for reheasals. Run your vocals and keyboards through it. Tweeter upgrade.

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