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MusicMan - 112-RD-100

Vintage 1970's Made in the USA! 1x 12" Guitar Combo - Solid State Preamp, Phase Splitter and TUBE power section! You like Jazz? YOU WANT THIS. You like the blues? YOU WANT THIS! You like guitars; yep YOU WANT THIS!!! *Knobs all replaced but otherwise all Original!* Fully Sercvied! w/Original Footswtich.

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Ebony - Stage 250

Made in Australia. 250 watts. 15" speaker. Very good condition.

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Kelly - KELB 410 PTA

4 x10 8Ω 600 watt Bass Cabinet, Australian made goodness!

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Laney - GS112VE

75 watt 1X12" 8Ω Celestion G12P-80 Seventy 80. w/ speaker cable

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Orange - Tiny Terror

Original Series Switchable 7 or 15 watt Class A Valve head with Orange Tiny Terror Bag.

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Fender - Super Sonic 2-12 Enclosure

2X12" 120 watt 8 ohm. Containing Celestion Heritage speakers. Closed back. Baltic birch ply cabinet. Features tilt-back legs.

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Marshall - JCM 2000 DSL 50

2 channel Dual Super Lead 50 Watt Valve Head. Reverb tank removed. Mercury Magnetics input, output and choke transformers installed.

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Jet City - JCA50H

50 watts. Designed by Soldano. 2 fresh 6L6 valves fitted. w/ footswitch

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Mesa/Boogie - Mark V

Made in the USA. 25 watt. All valve head!
Includes footswitch, cover and manual.
VERY LITTLE USE! Great condition.

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Ceriatone - Overtone Special

Spec for Spec clone of a Dumble Amplifier! 50 Watts of Tube power! 2 x 6L6 output stage! Features Impedance selection, Overdrive , Effects loop, half-power switch, Footswitchable Preamp Boost and overdrive and a plethora of tonal options! Includes foot switch

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Peavey - Vypyr VIP 2

40W TransTube analog circuitry. Including Acoustic simulators, 12 amp accessible stompbox models plus delay reverb and wah, looper + much more. Includes Sanpera I expression pedal for executing volume wah and pitch shifter functions plus four momentary feature selector buttons. w/ cables, box and dolly

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Roland - Cube 20XL

Very good condition. Low use. 20 Watts. Speaker 8 inches. Six COSM amp models onboard Seven effects, including the new DRIVE and POLY OCTAVE. w/manual

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Peavey - Classic 50

2 Channel 50 watt 2X12" Made in USA - Spring Reverb! w/2 Way Footswitch

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Tube Works - RT-922

Two Channel Tube Preamp. Concept and Design by B. K. Butler. Made in USA!
* 110 volt - requires step-down transformer - Not included

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Randall - RG1503H

RG1503H 3 Channel, 150w High Gain FET Solid State Guitar Amp Head. Very good condition. w/ box + 4 way footswitch

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Fender - Mustang IV

150 Watt 2x 12" solid state combo w/ onboard effects. Celestion 70/80 speakers.

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Legend - KB-15

15W 2 channel keyboard amp.

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Monterey - G-10

Unused. 10 watt practise amp. Overdrive. w/ box

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Peavey - Decade

Made in USA. Solid state. 10 watts. Missing one knob.

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Behringer - GM108

V Tone 15 watt 1x8" *True* Analog Modeling

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