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Roland - Cube 15X

2 Channel 15 watt 1x8" Practise Amp w/Distortion Modelling & Headphone Out

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Fender - Mustang GT200

Digital 2x12 guitar combo, three electric amp models; one studio-quality tube preamp model. Digital effects - Two dynamics models; one overdrive model, two modulated reverb models; modulated delay model. Tap tempo multi-delay interface. Needle-style tuner mode. Preset storage and recall via Fender Tone cloud. With manual and footswitch.

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Fender - FM 212R

100 watt 2X12" combo, two channel, with spring reverb. Includes 2 way footswitch and manual.

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Eminence - The Tonker

Redcoat, 12" guitar speaker 16 ohms, 150 watts.

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Celestion - G12H

Redback 12 inch guitar speaker, 150 Watts, 8 ohms, bass resonance 75 Hz

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Celestion - Sidewinder 2x12

Two S12-150 12' speakers in a Yamaha G100 cabinet.
Both speakers 150 watts 8 ohm so cabinet is rated at 16 ohms 300 watts.
On casters

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Marshall - Origin 20 Head

All valve 20 watt amp, powerscale switch to 3W and 0.5W. 3 x 12AX7 and 2 x EL34. Switchable gain boost and effects loop in/out. Designed as a full range amp perfect for pedals, high headroom cleans and low gain drive sounds. With Footswitch.

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Gorilla - GG-25

25 Watt Practice Amp w/TUBE STACK. Made in 1986!

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VOX - AC30 / 6 TB

1994 Made in England! One of the BEST 1964 AC30 6TB reissues ever made. When the Vox name was sold to KORG Japan in 1992, KORG contracted Marshall to build their new line of Vox AC30 6TB and TBX amplifiers. The circuit design holds true to Dick Denney's original 1964 blueprints and sounds the way AC30s are meant to! This example is in AMAZING CONDITION! Looks brand new!!!! Original Vox Labelled Celestion Greenbacks. Comes with matching Egg Footswitch, super deluxe custom made cover!

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Bugera - 333XL

120 Watt 3 Channel 2x12" valve combo. Cutting edge, modern-style tube guitar amp designed for use in any situation or genre – the harder the better w/ 4 way ft switch

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VOX - AC2 RhythmVOX

RhythmVOX! Portable Battery Powered (6 x AA) Amplifier. In built tuner, FX, and drum machine.

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Roland - CUBE Street

15 Watt Battery Powered amp . COSM madelling effects. 2 channels. w/ Power Supply *AS IS - Amp modelling not working. Stuck on one setting

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MusicMan - 210 Sixtyy Five

Made in USA. Reverb and Vibrato. 2x10" speakers.1979.THE BEST AMP EVER. This must be one of the cleanest examples anywhere. w/ foot switch and fitted with castors

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VOX - Classic Rock Headphone Amp

Model AP2-CR Guitar jack mini amp, Classic rock sounds for headphones! Made in Japan. Has onboard effects! With Matching Speaker cab!

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Orange - TH30 Half Stack

TH30 head and PPC212 cab. Two channels for Jangly cleans and high gain filth from 4 EL84 tubes, switchable output for 30, 15 or 7 watts. Tube buffered FX loop. With closed back 212 cab, two Celestion Vintage 30 speakers, 13 ply 18mm Baltic birch plywood, 120W at 16 ohm. With footswitch and speaker cable. Bedroom use only, very clean condition.

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Quilter - Micro Block 45

Pedal sized guitar amp, 45 watts at 4 ohms, 33 watts at 8 ohms, provides musically effective control of tone, and ranges from clean to searing overdrive without choking. 24V power supply, box and manual included.

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Ulbrick - Venue 30 Verbovibe 112

Point to point hand wired in Melbourne 2009. 30 Watt Class A from 2 6L6s, 5 12AX7s and 1 12AT7. Spring Reverb and all tube "true grid" tremolo with depth and speed controls. 2 unique preamps, British bright, and American deep. Celestion Creamback G12 M speaker, footswitch, Certificate of Authenticity, and Ulbrick padded cover.

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Electro-Harmonix - 5MM Power Amp

• Volume control plus a Bright Switch which adds presence w/ manual and power supply

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Artist - Tweed Tone V

5W Tube combo with Celestion GBC-15 * inch speaker. 1 6V6 and 1 12AX7 tube for Fender Champ style tone. Semi closed back, with boost switch.

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Bad Cat - Mini Cat

Made in USA 5 watt tube amp with 8 ohm Jensen P10R alnico 10" speaker, 12AX7 and EL84 tubes, with headphone and line out. With Bad Cat amp cover!

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