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Marshall - JCM 800 2203X

Made in the UK 2011! 100 Watt Lead Head! Reissue of the classic! Amazing condition! Recently Serviced by Tim Evans.

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Celestion - G12P-80

SEVENTY 80 series 12" speaker. 80 watts 16Ω

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Fender - Deluxe Reverb Amp

Re-issue1965 Blackface Deluxe Reverb Amp! 22 Watts, 1 x 12" Speaker! ALL TUBE! Including the Tube Rectifier! AWESOME SOUND! **Recently Serviced by Clingan Guitar Tone!** with 2 way Footswitch!

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Roland - Cube 20GX

packs in everything an on-the-go guitarist could need features a three-band equalizer, three separate effect centers, and even an onboard chromatic tuner. Also connected with the built-in i-CUBE LINK which turns your iPad or iPhone into a mobile recording interface.

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ZT Amplifiers Inc - Lunchbox Cabinet LBC

1x6" 100 watt 8 ohm extension cabinet for the Lunchbox series.
Phase reversal switch. Super portable!

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Rivera - Jake Studio Combo

Made in USA. The Blonde. Modern/vintage switch which switches from pentode to triode and cuts power from 55 to 35 watts. An amp with both Fender clean tones and Marshall style gain. Fitted with a 12" Celestion G12T 85 speaker. Spring Reverb. Push/Pull Knobs for Tone Shaping

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Goldentone - 1750 Broadway

Early 1960s made in Australia all tube suitcase combo, two input, volume and tone, cute red bezel light. 4-5 watts.

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Peavey - Classic

Made in the USA. 50 watts, 2x12, Late 70's. All original. Fantastic cosmetic condition. Works great, and sounds amazing. Powered by 2 6L6 power tubes, with a solid state preamp, this amp combines classic tube tone and spring reverb. Rare original 4 button foot pedal with Automixer and data page included.

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Marshall - 1960A

1960 300 watt stereo/mono 4X12"

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Marshall - JCM 2000 TSL 100

TRIPLE SUPER LEAD 100 watt 3 Channel Valve Amp! Made in England 2002. Super versatile with Clean, Crunch and Lead channels. Switchable to 25 watts!

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Orange - Crush 20B

20 watt 1 x 8" Bass Practice Amp With Headphone Out

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TC Electronic - RS210

Nice bass cab. 400 watts. @ 8 ohms. 2 x 10" drivers. 1" tweeter.

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Fender - Hot Rod DeVille

2 channel 60 Watt 4X10" Valve Combo *Made in Mexico. - One Speaker Swapped for a Mojotone 12" Ceramic (good for a dual Mic mix!).

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H||H - S130

Professional Power Amplifier 100 watts 1970's Made in UK. Great condition! Good, solid and reliable. Perfect for Line Level (Keyboards or post preamp instruments)

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ValveTone - LJ25

Hand Wired in Australia. LJ is an acronym for "Little Jim". All valve, 25 watts/ using 2 x El34, 3 x 12AX7. Marshall "Plexi" themed. Single input, but with mixable Bright and Dark volume controls. Wide tonal choice with 3-way tonestack plus presence control. Master volume to control level without substantial tone change. 8 and 16 ohm speaker outputs but can also drive 4 ohm cabs. **New with 12-month warranty**

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Hartke - LH500

500 watt bass amp head with class A valve preamp.

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Gibson - GA-15RV

15 watt 1X12" Class A Combo! MADE IN THE U.K. (Made by Trace Elliot for Gibson!) w/reverb. Celestion Vintage 30 speaker.

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Strauss - SVT-50R

5o watt VALVE 1 x 12" combo with spring reverb. Excellent condition "Low mileage"

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Epiphone - Studio Acoustic 15C

Acoustic p[racitse amp with mic input and chorus

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MSP - HI-Flux Speaker

"Manufacturers Special Products" Made in Australia. 12" speaker.

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