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Laney - LX65R

Twin channel guitar combo. 65 watts. 12” custom Celestion Seventy 80 speaker. Very light use. Excellent condition.

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Vox - MSB25 Mini SuperBeetle

This is the Vox MSB25 Super Beetle. Classic Vox looks with the classic head, box, stand set up all included. The iconic Vox chiming tone made possible with NuTube technology, this is an awesome little set up which includes a 10' Celestion Speaker, Built in Tremolo and Reverb. There is also a headphone/line output to record and monitor your performance and extra EQ Switching mounted on the rear panel.Includes Manual and Speaker Lead.

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Weber - 12F150

Vintage Series Ferromax. 12" 25 watts 8 ohms. Ceramic Magnet. Made in USA. A favourite for Deluxe Reverbs!

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Warwick - BLUE CAB 15.1

15 Watt 1X8" bass combo, with built in tilt stand & effects loop

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Epiphone - Valve Edition 5

5 watt 1x8" valve combo.

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Fender - Concert

1983 60 watt 1x12" made in USA. Original speaker.. Lush tube reverb! 120V with Step Down transformer, Paul Rivera turret board amp, great sound.

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AMPEG - SVT Classic

300 Watt Valve Head *Made in Korea. Big. Loud. Awesome! Serviced 6 months Ago by Bass Workshop and freshly biased prior to sale. w/speakon -> jack lead!

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Blacktone - 1X15 Cab

Hand made in Melbourne Australia, Lorantz C386V/4 600W 1x15 speaker 4 ohms, ported, beautiful cab!

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Peavey - Combo 300

300 watt 1x15" Made in USA, with super versatile EQ sections and crossover.

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Roland - Super Cube 40

MADE IN JAPAN. Higher gain circuit than a regular Cube-40! 40 watt 1x10" w/reverb! RARE! "Clean channel good for jazz"

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Roland - Micro Cube GX

3 watt guitar amp with custom-designed 5-inch speaker - Ultra portable with carry handle and battery powered option - Built-in effects, chromatic tuner, headphone output. w/PSU

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Roland - Micro Cube GX

3 watt guitar amp with custom-designed 5-inch speaker - Ultra portable with carry handle and battery powered option - Built-in effects and chromatic tuner. Headphone output. w/PSU

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Squier - SP.10

10 watt 1x6" practise amp with overdrive and headphone out!

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EMINENCE - Cannabis Rex

Patriot Series 12" 16ohm 50 watts. *Hemp cone Made in USA

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EB - 1 X 12"

1 x 12" Eminence Cannabis Rex - 50w, 16ohm

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ValveTone - Jasper 25

• Australian Made, hand-wired, point-to-point.
• 8 and 16 ohm speaker outputs, but can also drive 4 ohm cabs.
• All valve, 25 watts, using 2 x EL34 3 x 12AX7.
• High and Low Gain inputs.
• Marshall JCM800 2204 theme.
• Master Volume control to allow overdrive at any volume.
• Prototype/Demonstration amplifier with 3 month warranty. • Three way tonestack.
•Basic but robust raw pine headshell

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Warehouse Guitar Speakers - G8C

8" speaker out of a Champ, 20W, 4 ohms. In a box.

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Roland - AC-60

2 channel, Acoustic chorus 60 watt 2X8" *Includes carry bag

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Ampeg - SVT-400T

400 watt Bi-amped bass head. Made in USA. Awesome and powerful!Footswitchable Graphic EQ with sweepable mids. Crossover control for bi-amp. Contained in amp sleeve.

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TC Electronic - BC210

2x10" 250 watt 8 ohm bass cabinet.

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