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Roland - SPB-15

Made in Japan. "Spirit Bass" 15 watts. A rough and vibey bass practise amp.

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Roland - BA-330

Stereo portable amplifier. Battery powered. Great busking setup. 2 x 15W Power amp. 6 channel. w/ power supply + original box

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Kustom - Double Barrel

30 Watt 2x12 solid state combo. Very god condition. Includes manual

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Marshall - MS-2R

1 watt battery powered 1x4" battery powered amp with belt-clip. The Red model for Redrum! (note - awesome photo shows 3 amp stack but this is just one of them)

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Marshall - MS-2

1 watt battery powered 1x4" battery powered amp with belt-clip. (note - super rock photo shows impressive 3 amp stack but this is just one of them) (the bottom one on the right actually)

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Ceriatone - Prinztone

Hand built, hand wired Black face clone 16watts, Selectable impedance. Tubes: GZ34, 6V6GT (2), 12AX7 (2), tremolo. Tone defeat switch for burn!

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Roland - KC-60

3 channel keyboard amplifier 40 watt 1X10" plus tweeter

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Jet City - Jet City 20

20 watt Class A Valve head, EL84 output tubes. Designed by Soldano, with depth switch, bright and gain Friedman style mods

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Hayden - HGT-P

2 x Celestion 8", 20 Watts RMS, Line in/out, All tube preamp, Spring reverb, 2 footswitchable channels, Headphone output.

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Laney - GS412P

Mono 300 Watts, Stereo 150W a side, 4, 8 or 16 Ohms, Celestion G12T75s.

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Marshall - AS100D

50 watt per side 2x8" Acoustic Soloist acoustic amp. 2 channels.

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Hartke - LH1000

1000 watt bass head with class A valve preamp.

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Fender - Frontman 15G

15 watt 1X8" practise amp. w/ Drive, Gain control, AUX in and headphone out

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Roland - Micro Cube

Battery or Mains Powered (comes with power supply) w/Digital COSM effects - Aux In/Record Out/Headphoners & Tuning Fork!

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Migliore - 5E3

Fender 5E3 Deluxe clone, head, NFB control, 6V6 pair for approx 15 watts, hand wired in Melbourne.

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Jade - Classic twin 75

2 Channel 75 watt guitar/bass amp.

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Orange - PPC212

120W 16Ω 2x12" Speaker cab. Celestion vintage 30 G12's. GREAT CONDITION. AS NEW!

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Made in England, 100W. (switchable to 70, 50, or 30 watts), a tube FX loop, Dual channel, dirty channel gain boost/global boost. Awesome, great condition!

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Peavey - Vypyr 15

15 Watt Modeling Amplifier

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Quilter - 101 Mini Head

50 watts of “FullQ” power with up to 100 watts on the "clean" settings (Jazz and Surf).Gain, Tri-Q, Voicing, Hi-Cut and Master controls w/ manuals

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