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Ampeg - B1-RE

175 watts @ 8Ω, 300 watts @ 4Ω, in road rack case, W/ lids and speaker cable

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Genz-Benz - Neo 3.5

350 watt @ 4Ω, tube preamp/solid state power amp, Active EQ. Super light with original gig bag and rack ears!

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Gallien-Krueger - 400RB-IV

Bass Amplifier with Effects Loop and DI Out. 280 watts @ 4Ω 180 watts @ 8Ω - Made in USA! Great Condition.

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Ashdown Engineering - EvoIII500

Just serviced by Clingan Guitar tone. Designed in the UK. With footswitch. 500 watts RMS.

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Ashdown - Spyder 550

Dual Tube Preamp. 500 watts RMS. 4 ohms.

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SWR - SM-500

250 watts per side or 500 watt mono bridged. Tube preamp, Solid State post amp. Made in USA Pre-Fender. INCLUDES 2 x Goliath (2x10) and son of birtha (1x15+Tweeter) cabs! W/-speakon-jack cables.

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MarkBass - Little Mark III

600 Watt Bass amp at 4 ohm (That's about 100 more watts than the current model!) 4 band tone shaping. CRAZY LIGHT!!! w/Speakon lead.

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Eden - WT550

The Traveler 500 Watt @ 4Ω. Hybrid Bass head. Twin Triode Tube preamp. Solid State power amp section. Hand made in USA!

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Laney - Linebacker 100 Bass

100 watt Bass Head Made in England. 'Dynamic Power Circuitry'.

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Peavey - Sessionbass

Made in the USA! 200 Watt at 4Ω. Effects Loop, Line Out and the norm!

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Genz-Benz - GBE-1200

Made in Germany. 1200 watts @ 2 ohms, 1000 watts at 4ohms and 550 at 8ohms! w/Speakon to Jack lead

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Ampeg - Micro-VR

Solid State Bass HEad. Small and good! 200 watts @ 4Ω / 150 watts @ 8Ω. Effects Loop. Balanced XLR Line Out. - Includes cab.

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Ashdown Engineering - MAG 600

600 watts RMS at 4 Ohms. Missing Sub in out Knob, but still functions.

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Ampeg - SVT-200T

320W @ 4ohms, 200W @ 8ohms. XLR and1/4" direct out. 3 knobs missing. Recently repaired by Jereme Clingan.

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Marshall - 3540

Made in UK. 1980s. 400 watt w/ manual

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Warwick - PRO FET 5.1

500 watts at 4Ω Bass head. Onboard Compressor. FX Loop. DI out with ground lift switch. Versatile EQ with Deep, bright and mute switches. All round a great amp!

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Genz-Benz - Shuttle 9.0

Bass head. 900 watts @ 4Ω/500 Watts @ 8Ω w/ speakon cable

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Carvin - R600

Redline Series II R600 Bass Head- Made in the USA! 600 Watt Bi-Amplifier - 600 Watts bridge into 4Ω, or 250 Watts at 4Ω per channel in Bi-Amp Mode. Built in Compressor, Crossover and Graphic EQ.

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Gallien-Krueger - 800RB

Low-300W@4Ω, 200W@8Ω / High-100W@8Ω Made in USA 110V - Requires Step-Down transformer!, (not included).

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Ashton - BA150

Bass amp head. 150watts @ 4 Ω. Onboard Graphic EQ and Compressor

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