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Hartke - LH1000

1000 watt bass head with class A valve preamp.

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Ampeg - SVT-III

200w @ 8 Ohm, 350w @ 4 Ohm Tube preamp, solid state power amp. In flight case.

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Abbey - AB 200

200 watt at 4 ohm bass amp head. Made in Australia

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Eden - WT-550

World Tour Class Hybrid Bass Amplifier. Twin Triode Tube Preamp, Solid State output stage. 500 Watts of great bass tones at 4Ω, 300 watts of equally great tones at 8Ω! With water proof Kingcrome tools carry case and Speakon cable.

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Roland - SB-100

1977 Roland Studio Bass-100. 100 Watt bass amplifier, 6-band equalizer.

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Gallien-Krueger - 400RB-II

Hi Current Bass Amplifier 240 Watt @ 4Ω 150 Watt @ 8Ω

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Ampeg - SVT Classic

300 Watt Valve Head. The sound of rawk!

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SWR - 750X

Made in USA - Full Valve Preamp! Features Blendable Effects Loop. 850 Watts @ 2.6 ohms, 750 Watts @ 4 ohms, 450 Watts @ 8 ohms.

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SWR - SM-400

400 watt bass head w/manual, speaker cable, spare fuses.

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Warwick - WA300

A good quality bass amp. 300W. Speakon outputs + DI out.

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Hartke - HA3500

350 watts @ 4Ω / 240 watts @ 8Ω TRANSIENT ATTACK!! Tube & Solid State preamps

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Warwick - PRO FET 5.1

500 watt 4Ω Bass head

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Marshall - 3520

200 watt Solid State Integrated Bass Amplifier.

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Gallien-Krueger - Fusion 550

500 watt @ 4 ohm. Bass head.
Six stage tube preamp paired with the same high current analog power amp utilized in the RB Series. Warmth of tubes combined with a quick, punchy power section. Motorized controls which allow you to store two different settings that can be recalled via the footswitch.
w/- Footswitch(with lead), manual and Rack case.

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Lab Systems - Mosfet 400B

Solid State Bass Head. 400 watts @ 4ohms.

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Genz-Benz - GBE-600

Bass head. 275 watt at 8Ω, 425 watt at 4Ω, 625 watt at 2Ω. Includes footswitch & 4 unit Gator Rack Case With Lids

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Carvin - R600

Redline Series II R600 Bass Head- Made in the USA! 600 Watt Bi-Amplifier - 600 Watts bridge into 4Ω, or 250 Watts at 4Ω per channel in Bi-Amp Mode. Built in Compressor, Crossover and Graphic EQ.

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Ampeg - B1-RE

175 watts @ 8Ω, 300 watts @ 4Ω, in road rack case, W/ lids and speaker cable

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Peavey - Sessionbass

Made in the USA! 200 Watt at 4Ω. Effects Loop, Line Out and the norm!

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Ampeg - SVT-200T

Made in the USA! 320W @ 4ohms, 200W @ 8ohms. XLR and1/4" direct out. 3 knobs missing. Recently repaired by Jereme Clingan.

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