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Kustom - KGA65

65 Watt 1 x 12" Combo - Pleathora of Onboard Effects! Comes with footswitch.

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Peavey - Bandit 112

80 watts 1x12" *Made in USA SOLO SERIES. Excellent condition!

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6 watt 1 x 6.5" combo with onboard digital effects. Can be powered by batteries or power supply (included). Mic input. Phones/Record Out. 'Acoustic' guitar setting.
"Insane Rock Star Settings To Go!" apparently. That's great. It is so convenient and easy to become a rock star these days. Handy.
*Excellent condition* Only two weeks old. Only played for 30 min! Includes box, manual and power supply.

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Marshall - Valvestate VS100

100 watt 1x12" 2 channel with boost, FX Loop & Reverb

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Fender - Ultra Chorus

Model PR 204 100 watt 2x12" 2 channel combo with onboard Chorus and Reverb. Made in USA 1990s. Includes 2-way foot switch.

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Freedom - FA50

50 Watt 1x10" Practice Amp With Distortion. Guitar and Mic inputs (both Jack connections). FX loop. Headphones out.

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E Con - EBV-20

Practise amp. Nice sound.

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Marshall - Valvestate 80V

2 channel 80 watt 1x12" combo. made in UK. Eminence speaker Onboard Reverb. Valve preamp.

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Behringer - VINTAGER AC112

2 Channel 60 Watt 1X12" with onboard digital effects. Includes 2 Way Footswitch

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Behringer - GM108

V Tone 15 watt 1x8" True Analog Modeling Amplifier!

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Peavey - Bandit 112

100 watt 1x12" 2 channel Transtube Series. Blue Marvel speaker. w/ manual

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Line 6 - Spider IV 75

75 watt 1x12" Modelling Amplifier! With onboard effects.

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Fender - Frontman 25R

25 watt 1x10" practise amp. 2 channels with overdrive and reverb

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Fender - Frontman 15G

15 watt 1X8" practise amp. w/ Drive, Gain control, AUX in and headphone out

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VOX - Pathfinder 15 R

15 Watt 8" Practise amp w/reverb & tremolo

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Yamaha - DG60

60 Watt dual channel, 8 amp presets, 12" eminence speaker, digital reverb, direct recording and headphone outs.

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Park - G10

10 watt 1x8" with Overdrive/2 Gain Stages MIK by Marshall!

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Jade - Storm 25

25 watt 2 channel 1x8"

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Samick - VG15

15 Watt 1x6" Practise Amp. Can plug in a guitar and mic. Two channels with overdrive.

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Marshall - Valvestate AVT 2000

AVT100 preamp . 100 Watt Solid Sate Combo with Valve preamp! Features a plethora of built in modelling effects and tones! Comes with 4-way footswitch!

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