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60 Watt 1X12" @ 16Ω Speaker Cabinet. Celestion Vintage 30 speaker. Black.

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Blackstar - S1-412PRO B

Series One straight-front cabinet. 240 watts 8 ohm mono, or 120 watts x 2 16 ohms. Celestion Vintage 30's. On castors. Sweet!

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120 Watt 16Ω 2x12" Speaker cab in BLACK tolex, Celestion Vintage 30s, Birch Ply, made in the UK.

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LINE 6 - 412S

Stereo 4X12" 120 Watt at 8Ω per side or 240 watts mono at 4 or 16 ohm

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Marshall - 8222

Made in the UK, awesome 2 x 12 stereo cab! 200 watts & 4 ohms, or 100 watts & 8 ohms! Celestion G12T speakers. Real road ware, from playing loud (and soft) music through it.

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Blackstar - HTV-212

Fitted with 2 x 12" 75 watt Eminence Black Powder speakers . 150 watts. 4 / 8 / 16 ohms

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Ulbrick - 2X12 Cab

2x12 Guitar Cabinet, Open Back 16ohm, loaded with Celestion G12H Vintage 30W 70th anniversary speakers.

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Laney - GS112VE

Speaker cabinet. 75 watt 1X12" 8Ω Celestion G12P-80 Seventy 80 speaker.

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Celestion - G12T-75

75 Watt 12" @ 16Ω in unique tyre enclosure. Marine-grade plywood baffle. Convertible open or closed back. All threaded bolts. Speaker mounted off centre for acoustic reasons and to prevent roll.

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Laney - Quad box

Guitar speaker cab. 4x12" 300 watts mono / 150 watts per side stereo. H/H U.K. speakers. On castors.

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ZT Amplifiers Inc - Lunchbox Cabinet LBC

1x6" 100 watt 8 ohm extension cabinet for the Lunchbox series.
Phase reversal switch. Super portable!

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Mesa/Boogie - 4X12 4FB

4x12" 180 watts. 4 and/or 8 ohms. Two Celestion G12-60 and two Celestion Black Shadow MC-90 speakers.
Straight fron. Half-open back. On castors. Includes cover

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ELK - ED-40

Vintage 1970's Cabinet Made in Japan Loaded with late 1960's Australian Made MSP 12PQ AlNiCo Speakers (15 Watts each). Total handling of 30 Watts at 8 ohm. Open Back.

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Jensen - PM10C speaker cabinet

Made in USA 1930s. 10 watts? An old PA speaker box wired up and ready to rock. Sounds great with a low wattage valve amp. Very measured sound and no bad frequencies.

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Phoenix - Quad Box

Made in Sydney 1960s. 60 watts. 4 x 12 original Plessey C12P speakers. **1 speaker faulty / not outputting**

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Abbey Sound - AQ 12

Made in Melbourne, 4x12" Quad box. 300 watts, 8ohms.
Contains Lorantz speakers (model unknown but each is 16 ohms).

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Abbey Sound - Quad Box

4x12 Made in Melbourne early 90s with Lorantz speakers, 300W 16 ohms. with castors and cable.

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Sharma - 3200

Organ Speakers. Made in England 1960s-70s. Leslie rotating speaker-esque.
With onboard preamp. Two independent channels. 2 x independent 15" speakers.
One channel Rotating horn and rotating drum clean channel!
Other channel forward facing tweeter and 15" woofer.
Approx 150 watts.

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EMINAR - 4x12"

Vintage 1970's Made in Australia - Thomastown! Original Etone Speakers - Approx 100 Watts- 16Ω / Includes Speaker Lead!

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Fender - MH-412SL

Made In Mexico "Metal Head" 400 Watt 4X12" @ 4Ω - Celestion G12K-100's - Brutal But Clean Condition!

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