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Rivera - Pubster 45

2 Channel 45 Watt 1X12" Valve Combo w/Reverb & 2 Way Footswitch. Made in the USA.

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Trace Elliot - Velocette

15 watt Class A Valve w/Celestion G10. Recently serviced.

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VOX - AC30C2

Custom Series 30 Watt Class A all valve combo with 2x12" Celestion GM12 Greenback speakers.
* Great condition! Only 18 months old!

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ValveTone - Juno 25 - RAW

• '59 Bassman themed.
• 8 and 16 ohm speaker outputs, but can also drive 4 ohm cabs.
• All valve. 25 watts. Using 2 x 6L6GC, 2 x 12AX7 and 1 x 12AY7.
• Australian made, hand-wired, point-to-point.
• Master Volume control to allow overdrive at any volume.
• Mixable bright and dark input channels.
• PROTOTYPE with 3 month warranty. • Three-way tonestack plus presence control.
SPECIAL 'RAW' PINE PRICE! - No Tolex means more savings!

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MusicMan - 112-RD-50

Made in Indonesia 2015. A reissue of the classic combo. 50W RMS. Combines a solid state preamp with a power tube output section that’s loaded with 6L6 tubes.

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VOX - AC30C2

Custom Series 30 Watt 2x12" with Celestion GM12 Greenback speakers. Excellent condition!

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Fender - Twin Amp

Blackface reissue Made in USA all valve 2 Channel 100 watt 2X12" with onboard Reverb and Tremolo

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Crate - V 3112

V-Series. Made By Ampeg, single channel Class A, 33W Spring reverb 4 x 12AX7A preamp tubes. 4 x EL84 output tubes. With Footswitch.

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Fender - Twin Reverb

1979 silver-face 2 Channel 100 watt 2X12" with Reverb & Tremolo. SOUNDS FANTASTIC! Factory fitted JBL speakers. *Includes tilt legs, casters and Footswitch,

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Krank - Rev JR

Made in USA. Very light use. Standard 20 watt Valve Head. Sovtek power tubes.

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Orange - TH 30

30 watt 1x12" all valve combo. Clean and Dirty channels. Switchable 7/15/30 watts. Celestion Vintage Series G12H 70th Anniversary Special Edition speaker

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Fender - Hot Rod Deville

2 channel 60 watt 2x12" all valve Combo. Made in Mexico.

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Sound City - Concord

Made in UK 1971. VERY RARE. VERY AWESOME. 40-50 Watt tube-amp combo. 2 x Original Sound Ciy 12" 50 watt speakers. Good condition. Very bright and articulate sound. Original Partridge HiWatt transformer. On castors. Reverb.

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Carvin - MTS 3200

Stage Master 3212 100 watt all valve 2x12" combo. Master Tube Series. Made in USA. Carvin 'British Series' speakers. Variable bias to run EL34, 5881 or 6L6GC valves. Switchable 50 or 100 watts. Very cool and versatile!

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Epiphone - Valve Standard

15 Watt 1X12" w/16 DSP settings: delay, chorus, and flanger. Separate DSP reverb with level control. 3-band EQ.

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Made in England. 2 channel 2x12" Celestion G12 30. 30 Watt Class A Valve combo

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Laney - L20H

'Lionheart'. Build number 0351. Made in the U.K! Tube head 20 Watt 4/8/16Ω. running a quartet of EL84 Power Tubes, 4 x Jensen P10R speakers Includes footswitch.

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Traynor - Custom Special 50

Switchable 15/50 watt all valve combo with 1x12" Celestion Vintage 30 speaker.
Running 2 x 6L6s and 3 x AX7s. Onboard reverb.
Two channels. On castors.
Includes two-way footswitch.

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2 Channel 50 Watt 1X12" with Reverb & Footswitch! AS NEW! Awesome! w/FS

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Kitty Hawk - M1

Late 1980s Made in West Germany. All valve 1x12" combo.
Circuit originally inspired by the Dumble Super Overdrive! This is the love child of an off-the-rails Dumble getting it on with a Mesa Boogie on a wild weekend in Berlin!
Can run Class A or AB, being able to handle both EL34 and 6L6 tubes.
* Currently equipped with EL34 valves.
3 gain stages. Onboard reverb.
Celestion G12T-75 speaker. Includes foot switch

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