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Fender - Musicmaster Bass Model CFA 7010

1974 12 Watt 1X12" Valve Combo. 110 VOLT. Comes with stepdown transformer!

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HAND WIRED! 15/7.5W Combo Guitar Amp with 2 Independent Preamp Circuits, a Half-power Switch, and Celestion Greenback 1 x 12". With manual, foot switch and cover

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Blackstar - HT-R1

1 Watt tube combo with reverb! Bedroom shredder guaranteed!

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VOX - AC15 CC1

15 watt CLASS A tube combo with 1X12" speaker, with footswitchable reverb & tremolo. Includes footswitch and manual.

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Fender - Twin Reverb

'65 Twin Reverb-Amp Reissue Made in Corona, California. 2x12 Jensen Special Design Speakers runing at 85w. Amp is in excellent condition. Comes with footswtich.

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ORANGE - Rocker 30

Made in England. 2 Channel 30 watt valve combo. 1x12" Celestion Vintage 30. w/ cover

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Maton - 7509

1970s Made in Melbourne all tube guitar amp and cab with 2 x 12" speakers, spring reverb, tremolo. Immaculate condition

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Strauss - SVT-10

10 Watt Combo Guitar Amp! Single Ended 6L6 Tube Power Section! Nice Fender Esque Tones! Upgraded Celestion G10 greenback speaker.

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Peavey - Delta Blues

30 watt tube amp. Made in USA. Suspected 15" Blue Marvel speaker (not labelled).Serviced last year at Clingan. Tremolo and reverb are not working. Original footswtich not included.

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Peavey - Classic 30 BT

Black Tweed model. Blue Marvel Speaker. JJ valves. Great little portable valve amp. w/ reverb AND FOOTSWITCH

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Fender - Super-Sonic 22

22 watt Two Channel All Valve 1x12" combo. Handle replaced with nifty hessian! WIth onboard Reverb. Footswitchable Effects Loop. Includes 4-way foot switch.

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Memphis - Mini Blues

Made in Sheridan, Wyoming USA. Weber signature series speaker, single 12AU7 preamp tube, 6V6 power tube and a 6z4 rectifier. Handwired from quality components. Perfect harp amp.

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1994 Made in England! One of the BEST 1964 AC30 6TB reissues ever made. When the Vox name was sold to KORG Japan in 1992, KORG contracted Marshall to build their new line of Vox AC30 6TB and TBX amplifiers. The circuit design holds true to Dick Denney's original 1964 blueprints and sounds the way AC30s are meant to!
12AX7 Preamp, EL84 Power Tubes and GZ34 Tube Rectifier.
VOX labelled Celestion Greenback speakers.
Free of the issues dogging the AC30's built in the preceeding years.
This example is in AMAZING CONDITION! Looks brand new!!!! Original Vox Labelled Celestion Greenbacks. Comes with matching Egg Footswitch, super deluxe custom made cover! More info on this model can be found at the excellent Vox Showroom website

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VOX - AC30

Made in UK. 1987. Rose Morris era. WGS Reaper and Alnico Blue speaker. Power resister with Heat sink added to power supply. w/ footswitch

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VOX - Pathfinder

Modified Pathfinder. 4 watts. Single EL84. Home hand wired. EF86 circuit. VOX Bulldog speaker installed.

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Evil Robot - EVRHD-30

MADE IN THE USA! Designed by Phil X of Youtube fame - Based on his 1950's Magnatone Tonemaster Combo. 18 Watts from 2 x 6V6 Tubes and 6AV6 Tube Rectifier. 1 x 12" Speaker. Switchable 4, 8, 16ohm output impedance. Excellent working order ***but handle missing one mounting bracket***

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Strauss - SVT-30

30 watt All Valve combo with 1x12" speaker. Dual Channels. Spring Reverb

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Made in China. 30 Watt. 2x12" Celestion Alnico Blue speakers. Very good condition. Reverb + Tremelo. *New rectifier tube just installed. w/ VOX VF002 footswtich

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Laney - VC15

15 Watt 1x10" Class A. Jensen speaker. Made in UK!

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Mesa Boogie - Dual Rectifier Blue Angel

38 watt all valve combo. Made in USA.
Progressive Linkage™ power section allows you to switch between or combine 2x6V6 & 4xEL84 for 15, 33, or 38 Watts, of Pure Class A Power / 5x12AX7, 1x5AR4
1 x 12" Jensen Jet Series speaker - Made in Italy.
Discontinued. Rare and awesome! Includes a cover

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