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Fender - Blues Deluxe

Tweed! 2 Channel 40 watt 1x12" Made in The USA w/reverb & foot switch

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Morgan Amplification - AC20

Made in U.S.A. 20 Watt. Built in attenuator. Switchable between 12ax7 and EF86 power tubes. As used by Jeff Tweedy Wilco. *INCLUDES*1 x12 Cabinet. Loaded with Celestion G12H 75 watt Creamback.

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Mesa/Boogie - Lone Star Special

Model 5P2 LX-DCT-CO Two Channel Class A/B All Valve 2X12" combo. Switchable 5/15/30 watts.
Includes Footswitch, cover, manual and paperwork. Great condition!

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Guyatone - GA-1100 Reverb Custom

Vintage 1970's Japanese made Fender Super Reverb copy!
100 watts 2x12". Warehouse G12C/S Speakers (USA). Recently serviced!
* Includes Road Ready road case on casters.

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Fender - Hot Rod Deluxe

2 Channel 40 watt 1X12". Model PR 246. *Made in USA.

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Fender - The Twin®

1980's - 1990's Made in the USA. "Evil Twin" 100 watt Full Tube Combo - 2x12" w/cover, 2 way footswitch & Castors.

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Marshall - JCM 2000 DSL 401

Made in UK. Dual Super Lead 40 watt 1X12". Built in reverb. w/ 2 way footswitch,

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Marshall - JCM 900 Model 4102

100 Watt Hi Gain Dual Reverb amp. 2 x Celestion G12T-75 speakers. w/ footswitch

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Marshall - JCM 800 Model 4104

Made in UK. 1987. 50 watt. Valve Combo. 2x12". Some cone damage repair in left speaker but sounds great.
* Quite a bit of operational hum though... Just be aware...

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Guitam - 18 Watt Lite

Handwired and recently serviced by the String Doctor. Copy of Marshall 18 watt circuit, Class AB Valve. Housed in a tiny pro junior box. Original Fender Eminence 10" speaker.

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Epiphone - Valve Junior Champish

5 watts. Just like a Fender Champ. Great tone. Modded using Watts Fenderish Conversion Hand Wired Turret Board. Vintage Australian made valves. 12AX7 preamp tube + 6V6 power tube.

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Epiphone - Valve Junior Plexi Mod

5 watts. Fantastic warm sound. Plexi Single Ended conversion. Modded using high quality guitar amplifier PCB from Stinger Tube Audio USA. Bright and normal channel. Vintage Australian made valves. w/ information sheet

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Epiphone - Valve Special

5 watt Class A Valve Retro style cab 1x10" with DSP effects

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Peavey - 5150

2 Channel 60 Watt 2X12" combo. Made in USA. w/Foot Switch. All valve! All Awesome! BE Eddie Van Halen!

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Blackstar - HT-Studio 20

2 Channel 20 Watt 1X12" Valve [EL34] Combo w/Reverb and Effects Loop. EXCELLENT Condition. with manual

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ENGL - E320

This amp is a "TONE MACHINE" comprising of 3 channels clean, crunch and lead. It's LOUD! Speaker has been replaced with matching Celestion Vintage 30.

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Fender - Hot Rod DeVille

2 Channel 60 watt 4x10" Made in USA. New JJ valves!

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Gibson - GA-45 RVT

SATURN. 45 watt All Valve combo 2x10". 1965 Made in Kalamazoo, USA.
Original Gibson "Ultrasonic" speakers.
*110 volt, requires step-down transformer - INCLUDED!
Also includes foot switch
Sweet amp!!

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Marshall - 6101LM

1995 30th Anniversary Series 100 watt 3 channel valve combo (1x12"). Channel 1 models JTM/Plexi & clean tones, Channel 2 models the JCM series, Channel 3 is High Gain. 6L6/5881 power tubes. Includes 3 Way Footswitch.

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Laney - VC50

2 Channel 50 watt Class A all valve 2X12" combo. Made in UK.
HH Premier Vintage 60 speakers.
Includes 4-way foot switch

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