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Hohner - Chromonica 260

The "Chromonica" Chromatic Harmonica Made in Germany w/case

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C.A. Seydel - Chromatic

Chromatic deluxe harmonica with slider, in case, Made in Germany

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Unbranded - Trumpet Stand

Nice solid base stand for your trumpet, cornet, pocket trumpet, C trumpet, bugle or upside down wine carafe

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Samick - Melodihorn M-36A

Melodica, with hose and spare mouthpiece.

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Tombo - Harmonica Set

Three Harmonicas. In the keys of C, A and Am. Includes nice case

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Pocket Chord Harmonica Set - Featuresn 8 x 3 Note (blow only) mini harmonica reed clusters! F, Dm, C, Am, G7, E7, D7, B7

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Pocket BASS! Consists of 8 x 1 Note (blow only) BASS NOTES!

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Suzuki - SU-21

21 Note Dual Reed Polyphonic Harmonica! Made in Japan. Key of A Major. w/case!

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Suzuki - Humming Harmonica Set

Set of 4 Boxed Humming Tremolo Harmonicas! 21 Note, Dual Reed - All in EXCELLENT Condition! Made in Japan - Keys are B, D, A, and A Minor.

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Suzuki - Tremolo Harmonicas

Matched set of 6 TREMOLO Harmonicas - Known as Humming Harmonicas, the Dual Reed Setup allows for a phase cancellation when bending at a certain angel! Very Cool! 21 Note - Dual Reed - Keys of E, Em, Fm, G*m, Dm and D! In the matching case!

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Tombo - Premium Professional Set x 10

Set of 6 x Tombo Premium Gold Folk Harmonicas - 24 Notes Dual Reed. Keys of A, Am, Gm, C*, G and C. AND 4 x Tombo Professional Use Gold Folk Harmonicas - 24 Note Dual Reed in the keys of A, A*, C* and C. In a case!

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Tombo - Tombo Band 30 Tones x 2

2 x 30 Tone Polyphonic Harmonicas - Made in Japan - Dual Reed. Unmarked Scale and key but they are different to each other! Numbers on back read 3090716 and 3090718.

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Performance - 24 Note Polyphonic Harmonica

A Major Scale Dual Reed Harmonica.

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Artisan - 24 Note Harmonicas

A Major Scale - Dual Reed. 24 Notes.

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Suzuki - Polyphonic Minor Harmonica

Made in Japan - 21 Note Dual Reed Folk Harmonica - A Minor Scale!

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Tombo - Tombo Band

C Major Scale - 24 Note, Dual Reed Harmonica!

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Lee Oskar / Tombo - Harmonica Set

Set of 9 Polyphonic Harmonicas! Major Key / Folk Scale! This Set Features 6 x Standard 21 Dual Reed Harmonicas (A, A*m, D*, C*, A*. G*) and 2 x Octaves Harmonicas (Second Reed is an octave lower! - Key of C and A) And 1 x Baritone C Major Harmonica! - Comes with a very cool Denim Clad Carry Case!

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M. Hohner - Chromonica 280 C

The 64 Chromonica. 4 Chromatic Octaves Professional Model Made in Germany w/case

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Palatino - Bassoon

Very nice Bassoon! Nice, red stained wood. Includes case. Very little use!

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Waltons - Irish Tin Whistle

Tin Whistle in D (rrp $12.950 Swoppy price $10 NEW

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