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CB - Hard Case

Black hard case. Metal corners. Suit P-Bass or similar.

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Stamford - Guitar Case

Vintage 1960's Australian Made case - To suit dreadnought acoustics. In excellent condition with all latches and feet!

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Eastman - Case

Moulded. To suit 3/4 size electric guitar or similar. Like a small Jaguar. Won't fit a Strat or Tele. Something smaller and asymmetrical.

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Roland - Keyboard Case

To suit keyboard or similar sized apparatus or equipment. Pedals? Leads? Mixers?Synthesizers....? Internal dimensions are 148 x 43 x 20 cm. Has some internal sponging. Ideal for your keyboard/workstation.

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TKL/Martin - Dreadnought Case

Case to suit Acoustic Dreadnought Guitar! Very good condition.

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To fit a classical, 000 and OM style guitars. In excellent unused condition.

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Fretz - OM/Classical Case

Hard case for OM or classical size acoustic, excellent condition.

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Unknown - Flight case

105 x 38 x 11cms. Very sturdy keyboard case. Rather a weighty proposition at 18kgs.

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CNB - Case

To suit SG style/shaped electric guitar

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CnB - SG Case

Hardcase to suit SG

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Unknown - Bass Case

LARGE size to suit wider or extreme shaped jnstruments Internal dimensions 119 cm by 49 cm . 8cm depth.

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Nova Forge - Keyboard Case

125 x 29 x 9 cm internal dimensions

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Gator - Case

Rectangle Case to suit Dean Esque Vee Shapes, Flying V, Explorer etc!

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Valencia - Guitar case

Moulded compressed foam Case to suit classical guitars.includes shoulder straps

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Sears, Roebuck & Co. - Pasteboard Case

Circa 1960's Made in the USA - Most likely from a guitar sold at Sears Roebuck . Would be a good match to the Kay Value/Style Leader guitar models or the National, Valco, Supro, Danelectro, or Airline guitars! In good working order!

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Unknown - Explorer / V Case

Good Quality Explorer or Flying V Case! Brown Tolex - Gold Hardware! SNAZZY!
Internal dimensions: 1150 x 430 x 90 mm

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Aerolyte - Case

Heavy Duty Road/Flight case to suit dreadnought acoustic guitar. Has Maton stickers on the outside. This is tough! Even looks a bit like a coffin! Death would be tempted to carry his axe, no, scythe in this! But probably better to put your fun-loving, freedom-toting, chord-mongering string machine in it for adventures down the vortex of love and good will to all mankind. If you wanna love, you gotta walk hard!

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RockCase - Case

Moulded case to suit a jumbo acoustic guitar such as the Gibson J-185

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V-CASE - Banjo Case

Banjo Case! Hard case. For Banjo!
Internal length = 98 cm. Ring diameter = 36 cm. Depth = 12 cm

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V-Case - Jazzmaster size Guitar Case

BRAND NEW! Rectangular case to suit Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jaguar and even Jazzzmaster styles. Yes, it is just that little bit longer to fit a Jazzmaster! RRP $125

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