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Pelin - Darbukka

6.5" steel drum. Small Brass body. Made in Turkey.

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Zildjian - 20" Heavy Ride

Made in USA! Heavy Ride Cymbal! NICE!

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Schalloch - Congas

PAIR of Congas. 10" and 11" with stands, made in Thailand.

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Unknown - Darbuka

Turkish hand drum made in Turkey. 9" Very ornate high quality shell finish.

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LP - Tito Puente Timbales

Custom model deep shell, 13 & 14 inch, 3 cowbell, Latin percussion set.

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Lemon - Egg Shaker

Small shaker with a legendarily warm middy, Claptonesque, tone mostly between 400 Hz and 2 kHz. Will make hit records. Good size for palm muting. A pleasant almost classical yellow colour reminiscent of Lemon Butter but not quite as phosphorescent, still it reminds one of the type of yellow that a Knight at King Arthur's table may want to adorn his helm with as he rides out to meet the Black Knight on the field of battle, his dusky regal yellowish ribbon fluttering forlornly in the slightly fetid breeze, ripe with the fecund stench of battle and the scent of irrevocable loss, regret, malaise, moral decay and turpitude of the kind only Werner Herzog truly feels.

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Legacy - Cajon

Nicely tuned cajon with snare.

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IKAA DIAB - Darbuka

Small 6" skin. Aluminium shell. Includes bag

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Hand Made - Cow Bell/agogô

Hand made in Africa. Is it a cow bell? Is it an agogo. Its definitely cool! More cowbell!

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Matador LP - Congas

10 & 11 inch quality sounding congas, great condition, complete w/ stands and locking wheels!

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Rungo Drums - Djembe

13 inch, recycled silky oak 50 + years old, furry goat hide skin, fully tunable, with tuning spanner and removable stand.

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Rungo Drums - Djembe

11 inch djembe constructed from recycled cedar which is at least 50 years old. Goatskin head, fully tuneable, Includes tuning spanner

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Unbranded - Tablas

Hand made in India. 21 cm Bayan and 13 cm Tabla. Includes tuning hammer, cushions and covers.

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Logjam - Rattlebox

Made in UK from Sapele & baltic Birch, t can be used as a snare drum with appropriate eq or used more like a kick drum when the mids and highs are rolled off and the bass is boosted

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Unbranded - Djembe

12" Mango wood from India, large body, pig hide skin. Shrunken head included! Nah Just kidding!

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Unknown - Djembe

13". Good condition. w/ head cover

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Hand Made - Pakawaj

Made in India. 61 cm length with 26 cm and 18 cm skins. Includes covers good quality gig bag and 8 Gatta/tuning blocks.

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Wazinator - KSB-219

Stomp Box. Large platform. Hand Crafted in Australia

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Peterman - Puck'n Stompa PRO-XLR

PRO-XLR model. Mark 3.2. This Professional Grade Puck n Stompa uses a NEW,stronger and more powerful Transducer/Pickup. Perfect for any professional muso . Dynamic driver and has a Bass output like no other. This is the Mother of all transducers!

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Peterman - Classic MK3 Bass PRO

Acoustic Stompbox Bass. Beautifully crafted timber stomp box, with the classic sound of the Puck'n stompa PRO. With Jack plug connectivity. *See:

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