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Pearl - Chad Smith Signature Snare

14" x 5" snare drum, 10 Lug. Signature series, Super Hoop With REGONE CASE!

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Pearl - Jupiter Snare

Made in Japan late 70s chrome over brass, 10 lug

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Pearl - Piccolo

13" x 3", 8 Lug Snare Drum! Brass Shell. w/ bag and spare head

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Pearl - Snare

14" Mirror chrome steel shell, 8 lug. 5 inch (fresh tension screws) A bit of rust but sounds good

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REMO - Snare

Quadura by REMO. Made in USA. 8 lug 14" mirror chrome snare

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Sakae - Snare Drum

12" x 5" - 6 Lug - Maple Shell Snare. Comes with Wire Brushes, Spare Remo Head (new) and Extreme soft Case!

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Sonor - D420 Snare

14" x 4" ferro magnesium snare. Seamless shell. All original internal muffler and 'beer-tap' strainer and wires. Excellent original condition, chrome very good. w/ 2 x Big Fat Snare Drum muffle rings

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TAMA - Snare Drum

Royal Star made in Japan. 14 x 6.5" 8 lug snare drum. Good sound. A tad rusty and pitted

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Unknown - Snare

14", 5" depth, 6 lug snare. Remo skins. Works. You hit it, it bangs! Cracks even! Heavens to mergatroid!!

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