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Boss - HM-3

Hyper Metal!!! w/box & manual. Made Taiwan.

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Chase Bliss - Warped Vinyl

Like new! All-analog signal path. Ramp control knob can be set to control any of the 5 parameters (Volume, Mix, RPM, Depth, Warp) individually or simultaneously via dip switches on the back of the pedal. Controls the ramp time in which this takes place. Tone (Ramp) control knob dials in the tone of the wet vibrato voice when no Ramp dip-switches are in use. Mix control knob can be set from 100% wet, to 100% dry, or anything in-between.RPM control knob sets the rate of the vibrato. 1 – 2 – 3 (3 – 6 – 8) toggle switch sets the tap division for tap tempo. A dip switch on the back accesses the “3 – 6 – 8” divisions.

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Digitech - DigiVerb

Digital Reverb. 7 modes including a Sweet reverse function!

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Foxpedal - Wrath

The Wrath is inspired by the popular RAT distortion (get it? W.Rat.H??) with a Reutz mod and red led clipping option (which really cranks it to an 11 w/box

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Fulltone - 2B

Basically NEW! JFET Booster with Germanium Diode Limiter! w/box

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Wampler Pedals - Velvet Fuzz

With all the character, power, and tone of a classic fuzz – the Velvet offers all this AND the option to tame it and bring it back under control! Near New with box.

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Dbx - 166XS


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Loop Station. Hardly used! Awesome condition! Includes box and manual

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BOSS - DM-2w

As New. Special edition Waza Craft pedal delivers the ultimate BOSS tone experience.True reproduction of the vintage DM-2 Delay sound Premium all-analog circuit with BBD (bucket brigade) delay line Standard mode for authentic DM-2 tone with 20-300 ms delay time Custom mode provides warm-yet-clear delay sound and maximum 800 ms delay time Expression pedal input for foot control of delay time. Inc Original box

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Midnight Amplification Devices - Big Riff

Based on the OPAMP version of the Big Muff, features slanted steel enclosure, and 'improvements to the circuit allow for extra articulation and no loss of definition whilst till being hit by a huge wall of fuzz!'

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Digitech - JamMan Solo XT

Made in USA. Looper/Phrase Sampler. . USB connectivity. w/ PSU, manual & box

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VOX - V847

w/Vinyl Pouch

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Super Chorus!

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Dunlop - GCB-95F

Crybaby Classic. Fasel inductor. True-bypass switching.

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Keeley Engineering - GC2 Limiting Amplifier

Compressor and Limiting Amplifier Precision Rack Mount Quality Compression At Your Feet! W/Box

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MXR - M-108 Ten Band EQ

Ten Band Graphic EQ in Silver! Complete with box and 18v power supply with various international adaptors so you can travel the world with your EQ!

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Electro-Harmonix - Bass Big Muff p

Deluxe bass Fuzz. For bass. Made in USA w/box and manuals.

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Joyo - Clean Glass

The Clean Glass Amp Simulator lets you re-create many of the crystal clear tones that the classic vintage amps from California are known for. But it can do more, it packs a nice dose of gain and can deliver amazing lead sounds as well! w/box

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Way Huge Electronics - Green Rhino

Classic overdrive! Includes box and badges!

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Latching footswitch with switchable polarity.

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