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Digitech - TRIO

PLUS. Band Creator and Looper.
The TRIO listens to the way you play and automatically generates bass and drum parts that match your song! Includes box and manual

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Line 6 - JM4 Looper

Features over 100 Endless Jam tracks and drum grooves in more than 10 styles performed by top LA and Nashville session players! These tracks aren’t rigid and robotic; these are actual recordings laid down by A-list drummers, bass players and guitarists! 24 minutes of recording time, and storage for up to 100 recorded jams! Additional storage available via SD card!
Includes 2GB SD card and power supply

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Ramble FX - Marvel Drive

Marvel drive. Marshall Plexi in pedal form. Stacked FET stages for dynamic response. One of the most realistic Marshall In A Box (MIAB) pedals available. 9V version. with box.

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Danzart Electronics - Batmobile Fuzz

Australian made, hand wired Tonebender style silicon fuzz installed in the classic TV show Batmobile, 9v DC input, one knob for MOOOOAAAAWH fuzz, blue LED. Comes with Batman, Robin, and box. Great thick Zep style fuzz tones with plenty of volume BLAMMO!! KAPOWW!!!

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DOD - Overdrive Preamp/250

Re-Issue of a classic drive, With Box

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Cusack - Tiny Verb

The Tiny Verb is the "Never-Off" version of the Reverb. It has all the same specs as the standard version down to the reverb module itself. It lacks bypass, but is less than half the size! Perfect for those of you using switching systems, or who like to play with reverb on all the time, but don't have it on your amp. In non-original box.

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LovePedal - AMP Eleven

Preamp/Overdrive/Boost. Made in USA, white version, with box.

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Black Cat - OD-1

Made in Texas, original design overdrive based on the high quality OP275 Op-amp, glass epoxy double sided PCB, 3PDT true bypass switch, Switchcraft jacks. Tones from mild overdrive to wild full blown distortion, with plenty of volume boost available. With box, bag, manual and sticker.

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DingoTone - Big Sky Drive

Transparent overdrive that uses vintage specification Germanium to get complex and full overdrive tones, with active Baxandall high and low shelf EQ.

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Dope FX - Ouija Drive

Bluesbreaker style drive pedal with presence control, Grip and Gut switches.

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DJ Nuttall Electronics - The Harris Tremolo

Made in Australia, hand-built true bypass optical tremolo, shape (soft to choppy), rate, depth, expression pedal input and Double Time switch.

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Dazatronyx - Fetish Booster

ultra Clean Boost - All FET - Discrete - Incredibly Low Noise Figures - Tone Shape Knob to Cut Through Mix or Shape Tone - Internal Voltage Doubler for higher Headroom

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BOSS - CE-300

Super Chorus *Classic 1986 Made in Japan! Vintage!* 100V - requires step down transformer to run with 240V. (Not included)* Sounds great!

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Maxon - GE311

1/3 Octave EQ. 31 band Graphic Equalizer. Made in Japan. *requires 9 volt DC power supply - Not included but we sell them new for $24

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SubDecay - Liquid Sunshine

Two Part Overdrive! Top End Overdrive and Full Range overdrive controls with the ability to blend the two! Made in USA. w/box and manual

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Behringer - VX2496

Ultra Voice Digital High Performance Mic Preamplifier/Voice Processor.
* 100 volt - requires step-down transformer (Not included)

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Behringer - EX1200

Ultrabass Pro - Digital Subharmonic Bass Processor with limiter. Balanced TRS and XLR stereo in/out and mono Sub Out. generates musically consequential subharmonics giving you big, fat low end, while the integrated limiter effectively protects your system from overloading.
* 100 volt - requires step-down transformer (Not included)

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Behringer - MIC 2200

High Precision Tube 2 channel Mic/Line Preamplifier.
* 100 volt - requires step-down transformer (Not included)

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Guyatone - EM-606

PA Vocal tape echo made by Tokyo Sound Co. LTD. It uses 8-Track Tape cartridges. 2 band EQ - Speed, Repeat and Echo Volume controls. 2x 1/4" Inputs and VU meter. Passes signal and EQ works. Does not come with any cartridges so have been unable test the echo. (100v 2 prong plug so will need a step down transformer.)

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Korg - DT-10

Chromatic Pedal Tuner

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