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Kokko - Overdrive

Small format Overdrive!

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Line 6 - POD XT Live

Multi effects unit w/Power supply

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DDyna Music - Bass10

4 Bandpass Filters. The EQ drives a Relaxed Squeeze Compressor for greater musical response. For dialing in just the right amount of distortion, our switchable overdrive incorporates Dual Level Limiting with an adjustable strength lower level. runs on 12 - 18V DC, with box and 120V power supply.

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BOSS - DD-20

Giga Delay Twin Pedal Digital Delay with box and manual

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Dunlop - Fuzz Face Mini Hendrix

Fuzz Face Mini Distortion features the same thick, smooth fuzz tones as the JHF1 in a smaller housing, with a status LED, AC power jack, and battery door for modern convenience. With box and manual.

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Digital Delay w/box & manual

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Ibanez - TSMini

Tube Screamer Mini! Analog Overdrive. JRC4558 IC chip. True Bypass. Includes box and manual.

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Chorus Ensemble w/box & manual

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TC Electronic - Spark Booster

Clean boost... and then some! 26dB of BOOST! With gain control for added grit! Active 2-Band EQ! *With Box*

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BOSS - RPS-10 RGE-10

Dual Half Racks! Digitial Pitch Shifter Delay and 10 Band EQ mounted on a single full size rack plate.

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TC Electronic - CHOKA Tremolo

Vintage flavoured analog Trem pedal, morph between soft and hard waveforms, true bypass. With velcro and box.

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Shure - GLX-D

Digital Guitar Wireless System. Includes transmitter and receiver.

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MusicomLAB - EFX MKV

Audio Controller. Very Useful! with box

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Suhr - A.C.E.

Analog Cabinet Emulator. with box.

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Nic Belor - Derange Master

Range Master clone. All NOS parts including OC44 transistor. Stereo input sleeve to save battery life. 60’s skirted knob.

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Shin-Ei - ER-23

1970's Made in Japan - Spring Reverb Effect Pedal!

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Roger Mayer - FuzzFace

Made in the USA - FuzzFace Clone!

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Musicician Sound Design - PD-1 Paranoid

Paranoid Distortion. Designed to reproduce the massive, syrupy-thick guitar tones of Black Sabbath legend Tony Iommi!

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Crest Audio - Fuzz Face

The First Fuzz Face Reissue! 1980's Made in the USA by Dave Fox of Fox Rox Electronics (before he started Fox Rox!) Loaded with BC109 Silicon Transistors!

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Electro-Harmonix - Big muff p

1990's Made in Russia! Version 7D Large Folded Steel Box - Bubble Font - Black and Yellow - Standard Switch.

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