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Roland - Footswitch

Single latching footswitch

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Rocktron - Midi Raider

Large 16 character fluorescent display for custom titles, 2 expression pedal ports for real time MIDI control; seven pin MIDI Out jack to allow phantom powering from your rack; 120 presets which can include over 36 MIDI commands per preset; MIDI filtering, dump/load, SysEx, select 0-127 or 1-128 transmit operation. With power supply.

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O.E.M. - A + B Amp Switchbox

Hand made in Melbourne. Switching! This is an A ---> A OR B ---> B Input / Output Switcher with Fixed Effects Loop. Perfect for running an Acoustic and Electric rig (each with it's own amp or DI) through a single pedal board!

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Proel - PCS1

Made in Italy. Volume pedal. w/ box

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Technics - SZ-P1

Made in Japan. Sustain pedal.

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Line 6 - Floor Board

controller with 2 rocker pedals, 4 channel switches, bank Up & Down switches, fx on/off switch and tap tempo/tuner switch

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Jim Dunlop - DCR-1FC

Foot Controller for the Crybaby DCR-1SR Rack

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MusicomLAB - EFX LITE 62M

Midi/Audio Controller - 5 switches - Very Useful!

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4 channel footswitch to suit Valvetronics VT amps

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Bright Onion Pedals - Mini Looper

Cute and fucntional trigger pedal!

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MIDI Expandable Controller. Made in USA. Includes ADA CCP Continuous Controller Pedal and ADA Quad Switch

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Marshall - PEDL-90008

As new! 4 Way MG Stompware. Fully programmable Footcontroller.w/ box and lead.

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Remote foot controller (Suit ZOOM 9000 units, odd phone Jack style plug)

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