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Sonic Research - St-300

Mini Strobe tuner. True bypass. Amplifier output mute. Chromatic / guitar / bass mode. Drop tuning up to 3 notes (6 semitones).

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BOSS - GE-10

10 Band Graphic Equalizer. Hard wired Made in Japan.
110 volt - requires step-down transformer (Not included)

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CIOKS - Ciokolate

16 outlets configured in 12 isolated sections, two toroidal transformers with additional magnetic field shielding, four DC sections, three with 400mA each and one with 600mA, two AC sections with 800mA each and voltages 9, 12 and 16V AC, two 15V outlets for Radial Tonebone pedals, possibility of 18 or 24V from a single outlet, will power a 40V pedal with Stack Flex, one outlet with adjustable voltage in the range 4-15V, with mounting kit, 24 cables,

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MXR - Buffer

Converts from high impedance to low impedance so you retain your tone.

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Ebtech - Hum Eliminator HE-2-XLR

2 Channels with 1/4" TS/TRS and XLR jacks. Jacks can be used in any combination. No power required. Isolation transformers break loop antenna that causes ground hum and buzz. Converts back and forth between balanced and unbalanced connections and prevents the cable from acting as an antenna for noise.

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Lehle - Sunday Driver

Made in Germany. High-end guitar buffer and booster. Keep your signal strong through all your pedals in the chain. With a boost if you need it.

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Decibel 11 - DB11-LE

Loop Expander. Up to four independent loops!
*Requires 9-12 volt DC power supply (Not included but we sell them new for $20)

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Rocktron - Banshee

Amplified talk box w/ box and mic'ed up tube. *Requires a 9V AC psu (not included but available for $39).

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KAOS PAD Dynamic Effect / controller. *Includes power supply

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Truetone - 1Spot CS 7

Pure Isolated Power supply unit. 4 x 9-12 volt DC, 2 x 9 volt DC, 1 x 18 volt DC outlets. Includes manual and cables

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Shure - GLX-D

Digital Guitar Wireless System. Includes transmitter and receiver.

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Behringer - BTR2000

High Performance Rack Chomatic Tuner & Metronome

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Roland - VG-99

V-Guitar System/Guitar Synthesizer. w/ cable, power supply + stand LETS ROCK!

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Korg - AT-1

Retro vintage grunge era tuner, with manual and box.

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Hughes & Kettner - RED BOX PRO

Guitar cabinet simulator, Active DI. Takes speaker load. Made in Germany.

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Guyatone - AE-7

Analog Echo! Made in Japan 1970s. Very cool (and big!) delay unit.
2 x mic and 1 x instrument input with individual volume controls.
* 100 volt - requires step-down transformer (Not included)

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Two Notes Audio Engineering - Torpedo C.A.B.

Professional Speaker Simulator. 32 Loudspeakers and 8 microphones. USB connectivity. 96 kHz/32 bit low latency. Includes box, power supply, USB cable and manual, untouched condition.

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Ibanez - TM-776

** RARE ** Made in Japan - 1976-77 Version 2 - "VOC Talking Machine" - Requires hose. Vintage and cool.

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RJM Music - Rack Gizmo

The Rack Gizmo is the successor to our popular RG-16 audio loop and function switcher. It is designed to take control of your rig (up to 8 pedals or other effects, and up to 2 amplifiers) and integrate them so that everything can be controlled from one MIDI controller – no more pedal tap dance! Comes with Matching Mastermind Midi Foot Controller! w/power supply, box (for Rack) and cables!

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Reverb processor. Requires 12 volt+ power supply (not included)

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