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Clingan - Reverb / Tremolo

Valve powered Reverb and Tremolo unit made by Jeremy Clingan. Housed in Tweed cabinet. Mojotone Spring Reverb unit inside. w/ 2 way foot switch

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Dunlop Heil - HT-1L

Talk Box. As used by Peter Frampton, Joe Walsh, Aerosmith and Bon Jovi. Dunlop HT‑1L Heil Talk Box w/ hose + box

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Maxon - PD-01

Power Distributor. One 9 volt DC input and 7 x 9 volt DC outputs.

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Roland - RE-201

SPACE ECHO Analogue Tape Delay, 110V with included step down transformer and footswitch

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Roland - RV-100

REVERB ADD *Spring Reverb. Classic vintage Verb!

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One Control - Pedal Board Junction Box

"The One Control Junction Box is a convenient small in- and output box that can be used to route signal to and from your board to keep everything clean and organised."

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Digitech - Vocalist Performer

Vocal Harmony Processor with Reverb. Includes Box, mic mounting kit, manual, power supply and Roland footswitch.

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TC HELICON - VoiceLive 2

Vocal Effects Harmony/Correction! Control harmonies with guitar, MIDI or MP3 input - Up to 8 voices with MIDI keyboard control or 4 doubled harmonies - Auto sensing of harmony control instrument! Includes power supply.

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Custom Audio Japan - Junction Box

Versatile box for maybe some of your connection needs. There are two MIDI ins and one MIDI Thru. Two jack ins and two Jack outs. There are two sockets labelled 12VAC and 9VDC, but not sure what they are meant to do? Maybe either can power the MIDI side of things? The 9 volt could be an extra outlet....?

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Trial - Triplex PALmixer

Made in Japan, 3 loop compact mixer with Remain function that leaves effect trails on, and Remote switching.

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Crews Maniac Sound - Buffout

Impedance adjust and level boost from low to high impedance with slight buffer style boost to counter signal loss from long cables. with DC through output.

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Digitech - V-10 Power Block

Isolated power supply. 10 variable mA outputs. 9 - 12 volts each. Very versatile and sturdy unit! Includes DC cables

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Sapphire - Dual Momentary Footswitch

This is actually for medical equipment but it's a solidly built soft switching momentary double switch with jack plugs that works on audio switching.

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Free The Tone - JB Series

Junction Box Series connection box. Like a JB-82S but without MIDI.
16 x 1/4" phone jacks. Connection mono or stereo in to mono or stereo out.
Balanced and/or unbalanced. As you like!

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RedSound - Soundbite Micro

Audio/Midi Synchronizer - AUTO LOOP SAMPLER. w/ USB, RCA and midi cable.

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Warwick - Power LT XL

Rockboard Power!
Mobile rechargeable power station for effect pedals
Rechargeable while in use
2 x separate 9V-DC-outputs with 1,000 mA each
Additional USB-output (5V) to charge mobile phones and smartphones
Input for charger
Battery charge level indicator with 4 LEDs
Batteries capacity 6600 mAh
Input charging time: about 7 hrs
Includes power supply

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VOX - VC-4

Foot Controller. Made by Korg Japan. For Vox AD and VT series of amplifiers with effects onboard

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Maxon - GE-100

10 band Graphic EQ pedal. Made in Japan.
31.2 Hz to 16 kHz. 100 volt hard-wired - requires step-down transformer (Not included)

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MXR - Buffer

Converts from high impedance to low impedance so you retain your tone.

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Lehle - Sunday Driver

Made in Germany. High-end guitar buffer and booster. Keep your signal strong through all your pedals in the chain. With a boost if you need it.

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