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KAOS PAD Dynamic Effect / controller. *Requires specialised 12 volt DC power supply - not included (We don't have them sorry. They are $69 new from Store DJ in Richmond)

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Roland - DC-20

ANALOG ECHO/DELAY - True BBD Chip Delay utilising MN3005 Chippies! *110Volt-Requires Step down Transformer.

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Mooer - Ensemble King

Analog Chorus. In the style of the BOSS CE series

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Digitech - TRIO

The TRIO listens to the way you play and automatically generates bass and drum parts that match your song! w/ Box and US 9v power supply (requires adaptor.)

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Truetone - 1Spot CS 7

Pure Isolated Power supply unit. 4 x 9-12 volt DC, 2 x 9 volt DC, 1 x 18 volt DC outlets. Includes manual and cables

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Shure - GLX-D

Digital Guitar Wireless System. Includes transmitter and receiver.

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Nic Belor - Derange Master

Range Master clone. All NOS parts including OC44 transistor. Stereo input sleeve to save battery life. 60’s skirted knob.

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Behringer - BTR2000

High Performance Rack Chomatic Tuner & Metronome

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Roland - VG-99

V-Guitar System/Guitar Synthesizer. w/ cable, power supply + stand LETS ROCK!

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Mooer - Micro Power

Stable 9V DC power supply with 8 outputs, each isolated at 9 volt, 200 mA. Includes power supply and box and cables.

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Korg - AT-1

Retro vintage grunge era tuner, with manual and box.

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Hughes & Kettner - RED BOX PRO

Guitar cabinet simulator, Active DI. Takes speaker load. Made in Germany.

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Guyatone - AE-7

Analog Echo! Made in Japan 1970s. Very cool (and big!) delay unit.
2 x mic and 1 x instrument input with individual volume controls.
* 100 volt - requires step-down transformer (Not included)

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Two Notes Audio Engineering - Torpedo C.A.B.

Professional Speaker Simulator. 32 Loudspeakers and 8 microphones. USB connectivity. 96 kHz/32 bit low latency. Includes box, power supply, USB cable and manual, untouched condition.

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Ibanez - TM-776

** RARE ** Made in Japan - 1976-77 Version 2 - "VOC Talking Machine" - Requires hose. Vintage and cool.

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RJM Music - Rack Gizmo

The Rack Gizmo is the successor to our popular RG-16 audio loop and function switcher. It is designed to take control of your rig (up to 8 pedals or other effects, and up to 2 amplifiers) and integrate them so that everything can be controlled from one MIDI controller – no more pedal tap dance! Comes with Matching Mastermind Midi Foot Controller! w/power supply, box (for Rack) and cables!

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Reverb processor. Requires 12 volt+ power supply (not included)

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Roland - EF-303

Groove Effects. Drum Machine effects unit / step Modulator but can be used with any input source! Runs through 16 Fader Controlled Steps that select the intensity of the applied effect. Very Cool when clocking a guitar to a drum machine for example!

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Greco - GT200C Clip Tuner

Made in Japan Clip-on tuner with large display and built in mic, rare, black like the niiiiite!

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Korg - GT-6

Guitar Tuner, old school!

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