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Rack Bolts - and Nuts

M6 size for rack gear/cases. BRAND NEW! Available in any quantity.
Come get some! 50 cents each.

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Greco - GT200C Clip Tuner

Made in Japan Clip-on tuner with large display and built in mic, rare, black like the niiiiite!

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Ibanez - GT6

Quartz guitar tuner, mic and jack.

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4X1A 12VDC Power supply.

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Powermaster - RPC925AC

9 Volt AC 1.5 Amp Power Supply (suit Line 6 and Digitech).(rrp $45)

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LEEM - AB-200

A B Box (A/B/Y)

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Custom Audio Electronics - Japan - AC DC Station V2

9~12V AC input to 7 x 9VDC outputs (-ve centre). *NO AC psu included - Available for $35!*

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Korg - AT-1

Retro vintage grunge era tuner, with manual and box.

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Proline - AC-9V2AN

9 Volt AC 2 Amp Power Supply ** NEW (rrp $45)

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Boss - FS-5L

Latching footswitch with switchable polarity.

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Line 6 - FB4

Channel switching pedal for Line 6 effects systems w/box

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KORG - mini-KP2

mini Kaoss pad 2! Dynamic Effect Processor. In addition to inheriting powerful effect programs from the KAOSS PAD KP3 and the KAOSS PAD QUAD, it provides an MP3 player with adjustable pitch, making the mini kaoss pad 2 unit ideal for creating DJ-Style performances.

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VOX - VC-4

Foot Controller. Made by Korg Japan. For Vox AD and VT series of amplifiers with effects onboard

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Moog - PD-001

Tap Tempo Control applicable for anything that takes a 1/4" Mono Jack with momentary switching!

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Digital Music Corp - Ground Link

Foot Controller for Ground Control Systems. Those fancy units with a hundred looping and switching options!

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RedSound - Soundbite Micro

Audio/Midi Synchronizer - AUTO LOOP SAMPLER. w/ USB, RCA and midi cable.

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Warwick - Power LT XL

Rockboard Power!
Mobile rechargeable power station for effect pedals
Rechargeable while in use
2 x separate 9V-DC-outputs with 1,000 mA each
Additional USB-output (5V) to charge mobile phones and smartphones
Input for charger
Battery charge level indicator with 4 LEDs
Batteries capacity 6600 mAh
Input charging time: about 7 hrs
Includes power supply

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Joyo - PXL4

Up to 16 presets, organised into 8 banks of 2 patches. True bypass design with fast silent switching. Uses TAKAMISAWA miniature signal relays.

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Tomsline - APW-3

9 Volt RECHARGEABLE Power Supply! Power Multiple Pedals via daisy chain. w/PSU

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Crossfire - PST-10

Power Station.Power supply, distribution box with DC connecting leads.
Powers 8 x 9v dc and 2 switchable 6, 9, 12 volt DC pedals.
RRP: $99.95 - Swoppy price $89!

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Behringer - BTR2000

High Performance Rack Chomatic Tuner & Metronome

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Free The Tone - JB Series

Junction Box Series connection box. Like a JB-82S but without MIDI.
16 x 1/4" phone jacks. Connection mono or stereo in to mono or stereo out.
Balanced and/or unbalanced. As you like!

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Maxon - GE-100

10 band Graphic EQ pedal. Made in Japan.
31.2 Hz to 16 kHz. 100 volt hard-wired - requires step-down transformer (Not included)

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Custom Audio Electronics / MXR - Buffer - up to +6dB of gain, Hi and Lo cut switches, extra output for a tuner, separate effects chain or amp, and can be set to receive either a buffered or unbuffered signal; it also features a convenient 9VDC power output jack which provides power for another pedal.

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L. R. Baggs - MobilMix

Made in USA - Personal Monitor Mixer!

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Midi Timepiece. The MIDI Timepiece AV is a professional 8-input, 8-output MIDI interface, MIDI patchbay, SMPTE-to-MIDI converter and digital audio/video synchroniser for Macintosh or PC. Connect it to a Macintosh serial port -- modem or printer -- or to PC via a serial or a parallel port. Made in USA **CONNECTS TO MTP AV USB FOR 16 IN/OUT via Included Apple Talk Cable**

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MXR - Buffer

Converts from high impedance to low impedance so you retain your tone.

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Reverb processor. Requires 12 volt+ power supply (not included)

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AKG - SR40

UHF Wireless Receiver & transmitter w/power supply. Operates on 660 mHz.

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Mooer - Micro Power

Provide stable 9V DC power supply with high performance, each out put maximum current of 300 mA, can meet most of the pedal use requirement . Eight independent out put short circuit protection design, when one circuit output failure, other out put lines still can work independently. 8 LED lights indicating output status in darkness, its unique dull - polished feature can also protect your eyes from spotlights on stage. Very small and exquisite, full metal shell . RRP: $149.95

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Midi timepiece. Mac compatible via USB. Connects to MTP AV to expand to 16 MIDI in/out.

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Lehle - Sunday Driver

Made in Germany. High-end guitar buffer and booster. Keep your signal strong through all your pedals in the chain. With a boost if you need it.

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Lehle - Sunday Driver

Made in Germany. High-end guitar buffer and booster. Keep your signal strong through all your pedals in the chain. With a boost if you need it.

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Decibel 11 - DB11-LE

Loop Expander. Up to four independent loops!
*Requires 9-12 volt DC power supply (Not included but we sell them new for $20)

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Guyatone - AE-7

Analog Echo! Made in Japan 1970s. Very cool (and big!) delay unit.
2 x mic and 1 x instrument input with individual volume controls.
* 100 volt - requires step-down transformer (Not included)

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Rocktron - Banshee

Amplified talk box w/ box and mic'ed up tube. *Requires a 9V AC psu (not included but available for $39).

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Mooer - Power Bank S10

Pedal board power supply loaded with a high capacity, rechargeable lithium battery.
* 10 power outputs: 7 x 9V / 1 x 12V / 1 x 15V / 1 x 18V
* 2A total maximum output
* 20000mAh capacity
* High quality, long life Lipo power cells (can be recycled more than 50,000 times)
* Overcurrent protection
* Includes box, manual and power supply/charger
BRAND NEW with 1 year warranty!
RRP: $329

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BOSS - DM-100

Delay Machine *Analogue Delay! Made in Japan.

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Fishman - Triple Play

Wireless Guitar Controller. Includes box and manual and software

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Roland - EF-303

Groove Effects. Drum Machine effects unit / step Modulator but can be used with any input source! Runs through 16 Fader Controlled Steps that select the intensity of the applied effect. Very Cool when clocking a guitar to a drum machine for example!

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TC HELICON - VoiceLive Touch 2

Powerful Touch Matrix Mic Stand-Mount Vocal Effects Processor with Harmony and Looping. **Some damage to mic stand mount** w/ foot switch

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Roland - GR-100

Features and Specifications:
Complex hexaphonic distortion circuit
Additional sustain overdrive (mode 3)
6 individual -12 dB low-pass Voltage Controlled Filters, one per string
Frequency peak and sensitivity controls for VCFs
Built-in footswitch controls the VCF mode (on, bypass, or inverted)
Low Frequency Oscillator with rate control, for vibrato effects
Lush analog bucket-brigade chorus/vibrato
Pedal control input for the VCF
3 outputs: guitar, mix/e.q. and chorus
Synchronized, flashing LED status indicators
Response Time: 1.00 ms

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Roland - RE-101

Late 70s early 80s. Made in Japan. Classic tape echo. Awesome! 100V version, requires step down transformer, not included.

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Roland - VG-99

V-Guitar System/Guitar Synthesizer. w/ cable, power supply + stand LETS ROCK!

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Mirano - T-4

Made in Japan, 70s, tape delay.Variable Motor speed ,ension tape loop with 4 Playback heads. Head selection has Individual "super repeat" and "repeat and swell" switch for each head. 2 Inputs, 2 Outputs. Output 1(mix/dry), Output 2 (wet only) Wet output only. Pinch roller Can disengage from capstan Tone control. Tone balance knob for delayed signal.w/-original cover.

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