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Albit - A1BP Type II

High quality Japanese made bass preamp with additional Aux input, effects loop plus balanced, unbalanced and headphone out. With 9VAC power supply.

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Maxon - HD1501

Made in Japan. RARE! 1980s Harmonics/Delay.
Digital sounds for a digital world!
100V *Step down required but not provided*

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Focusrite - Platinum Voice Master

MIc Pre/EQ/Channel Strip - For all your voice recording needs!
Phantom Power, Noise Reduction, Vocal Sturator, Opto Compressor, Voice Optimised EQ and Opto De-Esser.

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Furman - PQ-4

High Quality Parametric Equalizer. Made in USA.
Input Level Control with EQ in/out switch
4 Bands of Parametric Equalization
Band 1 =20 Hz to 400 Hz Frequency Range Control
Band 2 =75 Hz to 1.5 Khz Frequency Range Control
Band 3 = 250 Hz to 5 Khz Frequency Range control
Band 4 = 1.2 Khz to 20 Khz Frequency Range Control
All Bands have an octave Bandwith Control 1/3 to 4 Range
All Bands Also Have db Equalization Control -00 to + 20 Range
Bands 1 and 4 Also Have Peak/Shelf switches
1/4 " TS High and Low Level inputs and outputs
(1) 1/4" TS Footswitch Jack
* As used by Dimebag Darrell (Pantera) on their first three albums! 240 volt!

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Summit Audio - TD-100

Instrument Preamp and Tube Direct Box. brings true high-end audio quality to home studios. An excellent-sounding input stage for digital recording, adding personality and quality to the signal before it hits the converters. 12AX7A/ECC83 tube provides milky warmth. Transistor output section uses ±24V rails to boost the tube sound with no added coloration. Tube loading and output gain controls let you tailor the tone to your taste. Polarity reverse, ground lift, plus signal and peak LEDs. Also works great as a tube headphone amp. FEATURES 12AX7A/ECC83 tube Transistor output section Tube loading and output gain controls Polarity reverse Ground lift Signal and peak LEDs w/ box and manual

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SPL - Transient Designer 2

"Transient Designer" Dynamic Effect Processor. "Superior to the plugin" - The Internet. Can be used to add attack back to a sound source which has been over-compressed or did not have much initial transient, and inversely can be used to dramatically lengthen or shorten the sustain of a signal. Great for bringing life to drums.

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Intersound Inc. - IVP

Made in USA. Instrument Preamp favoured by Steve Albini and The Grateful Dead. Everything from velvety clipping all the way through some pretty hard compressed overdrive.

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Sebatron - Fleque

Stereo Resonant Filter. With fader for frequency cutoff control. Fully balanced XLR in/out. Unbalanced phono output. External +5v CV input. High Pass, Low pass, Band Pass and notch. 1 year new warranty!

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Behringer - DSP 1000P

Virtualizer Pro 24Bit Dual Engine Digital Effects Processor w/manual

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Line 6 - ECHO PRO

Pro level delay unit!
24-bit processing and A/D/A conversion.
99 User definable programs. MIDI Clock Sync. Tap Tempo. Innovative Tempo controls translate between seconds and BPM. Musical note variations for rhythmic freedom.
Very awesome sounding unit!

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ZOOM - 1202

Guitar Multi Effects 1U Rack Unit. 512 preset effect programs from 32 effects and 16 patterns, 44.1 kHz sampling frequency. Reverb modes, Chorus, Flanger, Delay, and several combination effect modes.

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Boss - FS-5U

Latching footswitch with switchable polarity

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Emagic - Unitor 8

Rackmountable Multiport MIDI Computer Interface/Patchbay/synchroniser.
*Mark I - pre USB. Has RS-422 Mac and RS-232 Windows connections
Includes power supply, disk, cable and manual

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Korg - SDD-2000

80s vintage Sampling Digital Delay, modulation settings are very close sonically to the sought after SDD-3000 but it doesn't have the pre-amp section. Midi enabled.

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BOSS - EH-50

PRO Series Stereo Enhancer. Made in Japan. Requires 12 volt AC power supply (Not included)

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Professional Multi Effects Processor. Made in Japan.

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ZOOM - 1202 ZOOM Studio

Guitar Multi Effects 1U Rack Unit. 512 preset effect programs from 32 effects and 16 patterns, 44.1 kHz sampling frequency. Reverb modes, Chorus, Flanger, Delay, and several combination effect modes.

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LA Audio - GCx2

2 Channel Compressor. Made in the UK!

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Eventide - H8000FW

The H8000FW is a mammoth effects processor, offering nearly 1,600 classic Eventide presets with expanded analog and digital I/O. Audio engineers now have the ability to easily utilize the sheer processing power of the H8000 with any computer-based recording platform using a direct, high-speed FireWire connection. The H8000FW builds upon the success of the Ultra-Harmonizer effects processor platform by uniting all the prized features and functions into one definitive unit that is capable of interfacing directly with a computer-based recording system. With direct access to 24-bit dynamic processing and more than 1,600 built-in Eventide preset algorithms, you can rely on the H8000FW to deliver an entire spectrum of effects without taxing any processing power from your CPU. The H8000FW features Monolithic Tandem, which allows both processors to operate together, facilitating large complex algorithms, including 5.1 reverb and effects or up to eight channels of discrete processing.

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Behringer - T1952

Vintager Series Tube Composer. Stereo/2 channel vacuum tube compressor and gate.

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