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Custom made - Rust Driver

HAO Musical Instrument Tech. Designed to recreate the classic sound of a late 60’s Marshall Plexi running at full bore grind. A single knob controls output level and gain while three switchable EQ curves offer plentiful tonal options without compromising your guitar sound. Hand made in Australia. Very good components! 1960s and '70s NOS. Carbon Comp Resistors. Mustard and Sprague Capacitors.

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Digitech - Trio

The TRIO listens to the way you play and automatically generates bass and drum parts that match your song. Just plug your guitar into TRIO, press the footswitch to teach TRIO your chords and rhythm, then press the footswitch again to start playing with your own personal band! W/ box and PSU!

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Crowther Audio - Hotcake

Overdrive *MADE IN NEW ZEALAND! with Bass and Bluesberry Soft Edge options!

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Mooer - Blues Mood

Blues Overdrive, like a Boss Blues Driver with a Keeley Phat Mod

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Boss - RE-20

Roland Space Echo RE-201 Digital Tape Delay Emulator! w/manual

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Red Witch - Synthotron

Bring synth features and sounds to your pedalboard! Run 2 synths in parallel -Dedicated tremolo effect for synths - Envelope filter with range control and hold function. Internal trim pot to adjust hold range and filter distortion Perfect for guitar, keyboards, and more!!! w/box and manual and denim bag!

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JOYO - Digital Delay

Digital delay. w/box and manual

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Made in Taiwan. Super overdrive. Untouched condition. w/ box

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Dunlop - FFM2

Mini Fuzz Face! Cute Germanium Fuzz Tones!

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T-REX - Emmie

Delay and Boost in one Pedal! Standard Delay circuitry with discrete boost control which can be switched in or out of the effect.

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Mojo Hand FX - DMBL

Dumble-esque Overdrive. True bypass.

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Red Witch - Violetta Delay

1000ms delay time
Single repeat to runaway self oscillation
Modulation control – shimmery sparkle to tape echo wow and flutter
Exp out – control the repeat level via exp pedal
Power options – either via DC 9 volt power supply or internal Lithium rechargeable battery

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Electro-Harmonix - Little Big Muff

Made in USA w/box

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Skinpimp - Buzzaround

Hand Made Baldwin Burns Clone with additional controls! Super quiet operation! In EXCELLENT condition! w/Box pouch, and STICKERS! Made in USA

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Ghost Effects - BuzzAround

Burns Buzzaraound clone! Super quiet operation! In EXCELLENT condition! Handmade in Birmingham, England. w/Box and manual.

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Compression Sustainer. Black label. Made in Japan February 1982! Vintage!

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Pigtronix - Philosopher's Tone

A state-of-the-art analogue compressor / sustainer, providing endless clean sustain! Made in USA

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Dentone - 900 Pound Violin

Hi Gain Big Muff Pi copy. Super awesome! Very cool Fuzz tones! Check out the demos on Youtube!

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Hotone - Blues

Skyline Series Blues Driver pedal! Fat tone boost! w/box

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Nobels - Ph-d

Made in korea. Phaser with level,Feedback, speed intensity and range controls!

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