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Diezel - VH4 Pedal

Version 1 - VH4 Distortion - The Diezel VH4 is one of the most loved high gain metal amps in the world. It's four channel design has found its way in to studios around the world becoming a go to amp for a lot of metal bands. Now the incredibly powerful channel three from the VH4 is available in this single peda! EXCELLENT CONDITON! w/box and PSU

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Electro-Harmonix - Memory Man Deluxe

1976 Original Issue Solid State Echo/Analog Delay Line. Made in USA. Blue Face Four knob. RARE!!!!

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Maxon - AD999

Features eight proprietary Maxon MN3107D analog BBD ICs, offering all the rich, warm, organic tone of its predecessors with increased delay time, stereo outputs, and true bypass switching for transparent, noise-free operation! Made in Japan.

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MXR - M300

Six meticulously crafted reverbs in one pedal. Dry path is 100% analog. Relay true bypass and delay trails modes.

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Danelectro - Fab Tone


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Danelectro - Daddy O

Distortion. * Modded by Monte Allums - TNT Tri-Gain mod.

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Line Selector - The most versatile Line Switcher ever! A or B, A or Bypass, B or Bypass, A or B or Bypass (cycle) A+B or Bypass! w/box & manual!

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Electro-Harmonix - Hot Tubes

Overdrive - nice and warm tube style tone.

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Dazatronyx - Tsuchi Fuzz

Hand made in Melbourne.
All-Germanium The Tsuchi Fuzz has to be designed with all old-technology parts, so that you can plug in and the mojo is all set up for you.
Includes box and certificate. Brand new! with 5 year warranty.
Check out:

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Mr. Black - Supermoon

Modulated reverberator, made in Portland Oregon USA. Chrome edition! w/box and manual

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Electro-Harmonix - Switch Blade

Made in USA. Nano. Channel Selector.

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Recovery Effects - "Cutting Room Floor"

CUTTING ROOM FLOOR Glitch, Pitch, Echo, Modulate. The most original and versatile release from Recovery Effects to date. Unlike any effect you’ve heard before, it offers mountains of wild modulation, delay, freeze and stutter. Anything from light lo-fi chorus to broken-tape-deck sounds can be achieved with this unique pedal. Melt, then freeze tones in place, or use it as a gritty echo or faux reverb.

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Tech 21 - Bass driver DI

Made in USA. Programmable Bass Driver and D.I. pedal! 3 Channel Pre-Amp Stomp box with Direct out. The rig you take when you can't take your rig!

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Marshall - Dual Footswitch

Two button footswitch, old school large buttons like on a Marshall spaceship!

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Red Witch - Scarlett

Overdrive! The world’s first rechargeable guitar pedals! - With Box and Manual

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TC Electronic - Flashback Mini

Delay. USB connectivity for firmware and artist presets.

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TC Electronic - Hall Of Fame Mini

Reverb, mini version w/ box

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BYOC - Tremolo

Build your own Clone - Tremolo! P

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Mooer - Green Mile

Overdrive. In the style of an Ibanez Tubescreamer. Two modes, hot & warm. With box.

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Keeley Electronics - Luna Overdrive

Layered textures of JFET transistors and 2 active tone controls give you complete control over your Bass and Treble. Use the MOD SWITCH to electrify it all for high gain and distortion!!! The Keeley Overdrive is the vital link between your guitar and amplifier. The Keeley Overdrive - as always, 100% Hand Built in the USA! w/box

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