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Taylor - T5-C1

2006 Made in the USA - Hybrid Semi-Acoustoc Electric Guitar! Features a solid flamed Maple Top with Mahogany Back / Sides - Ebonol Fretboard - Embedded Magnetic Pickup in the Neck, Standard Bridge Pickup and Piezo Bridge Sensor Pickup; All Accessible via a standard 5-way switch. Great Condition and a ridiculously rich unplugged acoustic tone! w/Hard Case

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Super Axe! Vintage Made in Japan 1981, mahogany set neck, bound ebony fretboard, Solid Spruce top - coil split humbuckers, all original.

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Cort - Yorktown

Set-Neck, Spruce Top with Maple Back & Sides, C-Harp Tailpiece, with Cort Gig-bag.

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Cool hollowbody, gold hardware, GFS Retrotron humbuckers, custom tailpiece.

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Washburn - HB-35

1986 Made in Korea. Set-neck with nice binding. Natural finish. Gibson pickups installed!

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Godin - 5th Avenue Kingpin II

Made in Canada. 2 x P90 style pickups. Includes original foam travel case

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Grote - Hollow Body

Hollow body electric, made in China, 2 humbuckers, bigsby style trem, with scratchplate & gig bag. Twang box! With gig bag.

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Arai Diamond - Model 1202T

Vintage 1967 Made in Japan - Arai is the original spelling and name of the company better known as Aria! Incredibly Clean example of their foray into the hollowbody guitar market. All Original (bar the missing vibrato arm - can be found on eBay quite cheap though!).

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Guyatone - SG-22T

Sometimes there comes along a guitar that is just too cool for school - This may be a close runner for that title. Early 1970's Made in Japan - Guyatone SG-22T (Full Jazz Box version as opposed to the Double Cut Thinline SG-22T) - ALL ORIGINAL! Including the very bizzare Tolex Inlayed Vibrato. Dubbed the 'Roy Orbison' model by some, nothing says cool like a Black Guitar with a Tortoiseshell pickguard. 2 x P90 shaped Single Coils, each with a Tone Cut Switch in addition to standard Vol/Tone wiring. Apart from one tiny piece of binding missing from the headstock, this guitar is in suprinsingly good condition for its age. *Swoppy Staff member MJ's Pick of the litter!*

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Epiphone - Emperor II Pro

Joe Pass Emperor-II PRO is a true archtop guitar with classic  bracing and features ProBucker™ pickups with coil-splitting. Gold hardware, Grover tuners. Excellent condition and includes CASE

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Maton - Mastersound BB1200

2016 Hollowbody, Victorian Backwood top and bottom, Bigsby trem, Hiscox Maton hard case, XLNT condition!

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Gibson - ES 135

1995 Made in USA Semi Acoustic w/ P90 pickups. Includes Rough Original Case!

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Burny - RSA-65

2017 Made in China, maple body, centre block 335 style. With strap, straplocks, OHSC. Immaculate condition, barely played.

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Warwick - Star Bass

Made in Korea, 32" scale, big fat semi acoustic bass tones, plays great. With hard case

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Vantage - 635V

Made in Korea (Samick Factory) 1995 - Hollowbody - 335 Copy with Full Centre Block - w/case (hinges busted but will still close!)

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Gibson - ES 135

Made in USA. 1996. P90 pickups. Signs of age in the lacquer and pickups but nicely so. Great feel!
*Has some disfiguring in the lacquer near the headstock. Looked at first like a break and repair, but we think it is just some wear in the finish. Doesn't actually look like a break. Best come and see for yourself.

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Caledonie - L5 Copy

European, Post War 40- 60's most likely early 60's. L5 copy. Egmond hoyer like hollowbody. Home neck crack repair. Playable however a neck reset or Bridge work would help the action.

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Late 1960s Made in Japan set-neck hollowbody. Double cutaway 335 style. One knob and selector switch moved.

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Lewis Jorge - Hollowbody

Hand made in Australia. Direct from the manufacturer!
Sugar pine carved top. Blackwood back and sides. Ebony fingerboard, tailpiece and scratch plate. Armstrong neck pick-up.
Tap tuned, hand planed top and back, floating bridge, french polished.
Made in the tradition of 1930’s style jazz guitars.
See more here: https://louisgeorgeguitars.wordpress.com/

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Epiphone - Casino

2015 Made in Korea. Inspired by John Lennon Casino, Gibson USA Tribute P-90 single-coils (P-90T bridge and P-90R neck), Original Epiphone Hard case.

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