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Epiphone - Emperor II

Made in Korea. 2011 Joe Pass signature model hollow-body in natural finish. With heavy duty gig bag,

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Aria Pro II - FA-800

1990s Made in Korea, hollowbody electric. Grover tuners, floating bridge, Bigsby trem system, very nice condition. With Yamaha gig bag.

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Canora - Hollowbody Electric

1969 Made in Japan bolt-on neck. 48 mm deep body. Very nice binding! Great sounding pickups.
Bigsby-style tremolo system but missing spring and arm. Set like a hard-tail at the moment.
Includes a dishevelled case

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Burny - RSA-100

Made in Japan. 335 copy set neck with VH1 humbuckers and kluson style tuners. With vinyl gig bag. Sweet!

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Firstman - Broadway

Late 1960s Made in Japan Gibson Barney Kessel copy. Awesome deep hollowbody electric. Ornate inlay work and just plain awesome overall! Includes gig bag

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Epiphone - Super Nova ML

2004 Noel Gallagher Signature hollowbody electric. Unsung Plant, Korea. Set neck. Upgraded Grover deluxe tuners. Includes Epiphone case.

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Rickenbacker - 360-12

Made in May 1996 - Amazing condition 12-String Rickenbacker! Looks new! Fireglo finish - Comes with Brochure, Cloth, Paperwork and Original Hard Shell Case!

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Greco - EG-200

Late 1960s made in Japan by Fuji Gen. ES-335 style hollowbody electric.
Bigsby style tremolo system and Greco ER-180 pickups.
Very cool! Bolt-on neck. Includes gig bag

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Epiphone - Super Nova ML

1999 Noel Gallagher Signature hollowbody electric. Made in Korea. Set neck. Includes case

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Epiphone - ES-175 Premium

2015 Archtop Hollowbody Electric. Very nice! Great player and in great condition!
Nice translucent Wine Red finish.
I Includes TKL case

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Epiphone - Les Paul ES

2016 ES-style archtop hollowbody with f-holes, centre block and counter brace. Classic Les Paul contours. ProBucker™ humbucker pickups with coil taps. Includes original Epiphone Les Paul hard case.

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Epiphone - Sheraton II

1993 Made in Korea (Samick Factory) Excellently set up. Aged to a rich ivory cream finish. Comes adorned with cool stickers! w/ Leather Strap w/strap locks AND Original Gig Bag!

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Gibson - ES-355

2008 Made in USA Nashville Custom Shop.
Ebony fretboard, Quilted Maple top. Cherry finish.
'57 Classic pickups.
Includes official case

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Italia - Mondial

Made in South Korea. Perspex 'Acousti-Glass' semi-hollow electric with Wilkinson humbuckers and piezo bridge pickup. With gig bag.

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Vintage 1974 Made in Japan. High-end model set-neck hollowbody electric. Includes gig bag

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MUSIMA - Spezial

Made in Germany. 1963 hollow body electric with bolt-on neck.

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Epiphone - Super Nova ML

1997 Noel Gallagher Signature hollowbody electric. Made in Korea. Set neck. Includes Epiphone case

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Epiphone - E230TD

2009 Casino. Special release - Inspired by John Lennon's 1965 Casino!
Gibson USA P90 pickups. Matt finish (John sanded his back - as in took the gloss off his guitar, he didn't put sandpaper on his own back!)
Includes official Epiphone case and paperwork

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Super Axe! 1979 Made in Japan.
Very nice Set-neck.
* Bridge pickup removed and covered over. Respective Volume and Tone pots removed. This is a strictly rhythm machine (Just like Guitar George - who gets that reference?!)
* Removed pickup and parts are included.
Includes original case

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Morales - ESP-200

1960s Made in Japan by Zen-On. Very cool bolt-on neck archtop hollowbody. P-90 style pickups.

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