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Korg - ESX-1

Electribe SX! Music Production Sampler/Sequencer/Drum Machine. Real tube warmth! W/ box, manual and power supply.

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Korg - Volca FM

Korg Volca FM synthesizer module, like a portable version of the legendary DX7 FM synth — it can even accept original DX7 patch data! And the sound engine is exactly what you'd expect from that classic FM synth: six operators are ready to create clanging metallic tones, ripping leads, subsonic basses, and all manner of special effects. Unused condition, complete with 6 AA rechargeable batteries, manual and box.

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Roland - Juno-Gi

128 Voice Expandable Synthesizer w/Power Supply & box

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ZOOM - RT-123

Rhythm Trak drum machine.

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KORG - 800-DV

Vintage - 1975 Made in Japan - Fully Analog Duophonic Synthesiser.

2 x VCO (64', 32', 16', 8', 4', 2'), with multiple Waveforms (triangle, square, sawtooth, pulse, PWM), Pink Noise, White Noise; SUB OSC x 2: Scale (32', 16', 8', 4', 2') LFO - LFO x2: PWM + Vibrato Filter - VCF x4: Traveler (High Pass, Low Pass) VCA - VCA x2 + ENVELOPE GENERATOR x2: Attack Time, Singing Level, Range. Duophonic playability allows you to hold a bass note whilst playing melody with the other VCO. This is a veryyyyyy cool synth. Excellent Condition! Factory 240 Volt / Aus Export! Just checked and cleaned inside and out by OEM Electronics. Key Transpose Switches Replaced but otherwise all original!

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Roland - Alpha Juno-2

Six Voice Analog Synth! DCO digitally controlled oscillators, LFO, bend, ENV, pulse, waveforms, noise, PW/PWM, high pass filter, VCF (filter) with freq/env/res/lfo/kybd, VCA envelope, chorus, and more! (Steak Knives!) Adequate in the studio or on the stage, the Juno 2 has 64 presets and 64 user memory patches, a nice LCD display, an LFO capable of a very slow rate for some cool sweeping effects, and a great bass sound (especially nice for acid basslines) and noise effects! It also has chord memory which is perfect for rave & techno, portamento and keyboard transposing. **This one has just been gone over by OEM Electronics - Aftertouch refurbished and modded for a deft response!

110 Volt***** Requires a Step Down Transformer - INCLUDED!* w/Original Case

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Roland - PC-300

The world's first USB midi controller keyboard! So it's USB 1! Won't work on anything post OSX Lion or Windows XP. w/ power supply

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KORG - Monotribe

Analogue Ribbon Station synthesizer/sequencer w/box, manual, batteries, cables + power supply

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Ketron - Klavipro

Stereo Multilayer Piano Module. Made in Italy. Includes power supply

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AWM Sound Sampling Technology 192 Instrument Voices 10 Drum Kits 16 Voices Can Be Produced Simultaneously, 28 Note Polyphony (Dynamic Allocation) DSP Power for Reverbs Midi In/Out Line Out R and L/Mono.
With Manual and power supply

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Dr. Rhythm Drum Machine. Includes box, manual and power supply

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Korg - PSS-50

Made in Japan 8-bit drum samples and analog sound generation for bass and chord. It sounds similar to the Korg SAS-20. The synth engine sounds similar to the Poly-800. Uses standard Roland 9V, not supplied.

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Hammond - X5 MKII

professionally modified to run with/without the original stock pedals/amp. Still has connections for bass pedals/expression pedal and Leslie. Great condition, sonically perfect.

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KORG - MS-20 Mini

Mini monophonic analogue synthesiser. USB connectivity.
Can run off batteries or power supply (included).
Includes patching cables

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Elektron - SPS-1

Machine Drum Synthetic Percussion Sequencer w/ power supply

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Roland - EM-101

SoundPlus Sound Module. Don't Be fooled by the lack of adjustable Parameters, this thing sounds great! Plenty of Juno/Synth String Sounds!

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Thomas Henry - Snare Module

Rare and awesome! 1981 hand crafted! Includes power supply. *Naked with just a face plate.

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Roland - Alpha Juno-2

Six Voice Analog Synth! DCO digitally controlled oscillators, LFO, bend, ENV, pulse, waveforms, noise, PW/PWM, high pass filter, VCF (filter) with freq/env/res/lfo/kybd, VCA envelope, chorus, and more!
110 Volt***** Requires a Step Down Transformer - INCLUDED!*
* One note/key is slightly louder than the others.
Also includes case and Roland M-64C Super JX Memory Cartridge

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Moog - Little Phatty Signature Edition.

The last synthesizer designed by Bob Moog.1200 made world wide. Monophonic. Wooden sides. Excellent condition. With Deck Saver cover. With box and manual

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KORG - CH-01

Korg ClipHit Clip Drum Kit, Eleven kits covering a variety of styles Play drums by striking the CLIPHIT itself with your hands. w/ Box, manual and PSU.

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