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Tech 21 - MIDI Mouse

Made in USA. Designed to take the frustration and confusion out of MIDI and offer an exceptionally user-friendly footcontroller.

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Nektar - Panorama P4

Reason dedicated USB controller keyboard. w/ box!

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Voodoo Lab - Ground Control Pro

Programmable MIDI Foot Controller w/Power Supply and Bonus 7 pin midi cable worth $70.

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Studiologic - NumaNano

88-Key Hammer Action Keyboard Controller. With Aftertouch. includes power supply and manual

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Roland - A-500PRO

49-key, full-sized, sMIDI keyboard controller, aftertouch, W/ USB cable

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Nektar - Impact LX49

MIdi controller, Pad maps, solid unit

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SATELLITE USB-MIDI Controller Station. Audio Interface/Pro Controller Surface. Motorised faders! * Includes power supply and USB cable

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Korg - RD-KB

Keyboard component for the Radias, a Virtual Analog synthesizer with cable.

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Behringer - Uma25s

The U-CONTROL UMA25S is an extremely versatile, 25-Key USB/ MIDI master keyboard controller that is ideally-suited for a wide range of performance and recording applications. W/- Gig Bag, Manual and USB cable!

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Emagic - Unitor 8

Rackmountable Multiport MIDI Computer Interface/Patchbay/synchroniser.
Requires 9 volt AC power supply (not included but we sell them new for $20)

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JazzMutant - Lemur

Multi-Touch Controller for Sequencers, Synthesizers, Virtual Instruments, VJing and Lights. As used by Daft Punk!
Version 1.0 running firmware version 2.0.3.
Made in France. Includes CD with files/drivers/presets on it.
Cool presets onboard also and it is open source, many customised user interfaces downloadable on the web!
Connects via LAN cable (not included).
Includes power supply.

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KORG - WD-Mini

Wavedrum Mini. Party all night long. w/ box, PSU + clip

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Novation - Launchpad

64 button USB ableton Live Controller. Includes Box, cover, manual, disk & USB Cable

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Korg - microKONTROL

MIDI studio controller. USB Powered! **Pitch controller stick broken off. Stump still works, Also missing two faders**

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Akai - ME25S

Midi Programmable Note Separator

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Denon - DN-HC1000S

USB MIDI Controller and Audio Interface.
Designed for use with programs such as Serato Scratch Live. Easily MIDI mappable for any DAW/Application/Software.
Quite a solid and good unit!
* AS NEW! Opened here at the shop! Includes box, manual and USB cable

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Hammond - XMc-2

A controller for the hammond XM-2 module. Achieve full flexibility and create live new drawbar-settings on the fly, a (remote) controller it cannot create sound on its own. As new in original box asn manual.

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Kenton Electronics - PRO - 2

Multi channel MIDI to CV converter. Made in U.K. *****120V******. Stepdown transformer included

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ZOOM - 8050

General Midi foot controller. *Also compatible with Zoom 9030 with additional cord (not supplied.) *Requires 7.5 volt DC power supply (not included)
Made in Japan

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KORG - Kontrol 49

49 key Midi studio controller. w/ psu, USB cable + switcheable foot pedal

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