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Fostex - R8

8 Track 1/4" Reel-to-Reel tape recorder. Regularly serviced by Technical Workshops.

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Edirol by Roland - UA-25

24 bit/96 kHz USB External Sound card. **DRIVERS NOT AVAILABLE BEYOND WINDOWS 7 OR OSX MAVERICKS** w/USB cable

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Sennheiser - HD 280 Pro

Made in Ireland. Closed good quality DJ / Hifi / Studio monitoring headphones. Good condition.

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Focusrite - Saffire PRO 24

4 X Analogue In/6 x Analogue Out, MIDI/SPDIF IN/OUT, Optical In Firewire soundcard Drivers available for current OS on both Mac and PC. Will power with Firewire. No PSu.

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ADK - A-51S TypeIII

Large diaphragm tube condenser microphone. Includes cradle that needs new rubber bands and a LEEM PRA-12 Mic Pre, requires DV12V power supply not included, and bag.

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Tascam - DP-02CF

Portastudio! 8 Track Digital Recorder. Includes an effects loop and 1GB flash card. w/power supply

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Leem - GM-55

Retro style mic! w/ switch

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Roland - Duo Capture EX

USB Audio interface, w/ Sonar LE, Two VS Preamps with phantom-power support. Can also run on batteries! Includes box, power supply, manual and USB cable

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Alesis - M1 ACTIVE

2 Way Powered Reference Monitors.

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ADA - Guitar Cabinet Simulator

"The GCS-2 is an analog guitar cabinet simulator with enough variable parameter control to satisfy the most demanding stage, studio or bedroom guitarist.

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ALESIS - Mic Link Wireless

Free yourself...from wires at least with this wireless mic system. Enjoy up to 60 feet (18.3 m) of reliable connectivity and over 6 hours of battery life. w/ box

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BeyerDynamic - M 420 N

Made in West Germany. PAIR. For use primarily on snares, rack toms, and hihats, and their extremely fast transient response helps them excel on those sources w/ pouch

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Mann - M21

Useful Gold Diaphragm Condenser Microphone. Vocals and acoustic instruments. w/ box and shock mount.

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Sennheiser - K3 U

*PAIR* of shotgun condenser microphones. Made in Germany. ME 80 heads.

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dB - DB-487N

Large 'Gold Diaghragm Condenser Microphone'. Very good condition. w/ pouch

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Beyer Dynamic - M160N

Made in West Germany. 1980s. Hypercardioid Ribbon Microphone. Great on acoustic stringed instruments, brass or hi-hats. w/ clip. Includes another M160 that is not working.

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db Technologies - 281 Omni

Professional boundary layer condenser microphone.

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Sennheiser - MD 441 U3

Made in Germany. 1980s. The greatest dynamic mic. Rough cosmetic condition. w/ case

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Sennheiser - MD 441 U3

Made in Germany. 1980s. The greatest dynamic mic. OK cosmetic condition. w/ clip + case

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Calrec - CB20c

Made in the UK. PAIR. CB20C condenser mic bodies with CC50 cardioid capsules. Great for drum overheads. w/ (RODE) box + pouch

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