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Tascam - DP-02CF

Portastudio! 8 Track Digital Recorder. Includes an effects loop and 1GB flash card. w/power supply

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SONY - PCM-2300

Professional Digital Audio Tape Recorder! In excellent cosmetic order!

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Digital Recording Studio. 64 V-track 8x8. Onboard ZIP Disc Drive. *Comes with 9 Volt 2A PSU. (missing 3 knobs as per photo)

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Korg - D3200

Digital 32 Track Recording Studio. With 8 XLR inputs, built in CD burner. With manual.

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BOSS - BR-532

Digital Recording Studio Battery or mains powered. No power supply included but we sell them new for $20 - standard 9 volt DC.
Includes 32 MB smart card

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BOSS - BR-800

Digital recorder! Up to four tracks simultaneous recording + eight tracks of simultaneous playback + additional stereo track dedicated to the built-in rhythm generator. Onboard effects processor includes GT-10/10B effects, VE-20 vocal effects +harmonies, & COSM®-based acoustic-guitar body modeling.
Includes 1 GB SDHC Memory Card.
Can be powered via batteries, USB cable or DC power supply (non included sorry)

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Roland - SP-808EX

e-Mix Studio. Digital multitrack recorder with phrase sampler and onboard Effects Processor/Synthesizer. Built in ZIP Drive.

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4track HD recorder- 16 bit, built in condenser mic, 16 GB SD card, USB connectivity (Stereo Bounce). Includes power supply

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Multi Track Digital Recorder. 1 x XLR in, 1 x Jack in and onboard microphone. Onboard effects and amp simulator. USB connectivity.
Includes Korg D4CF-OOS memory card.
* Requires 9 volt DC power supply (Not included but we sell them new for $20)

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24 track digital recording and mix work station. New mastering effects include multiband compression, EQ and noise shaping for pro-sounding CD mixes. 80GB internal hard drive.
3-band EQ on 24 channels, 8-inputs and stereo bus with high and low sweepable shelving bands and full parametric mid band.
Three aux sends on all channels except the effects return.
Loop effect provides reverb, delay, chorus and more on an aux send and return.
Assignable Guitar multi-effects processor for overdrive, distortion, chorus, delay, flange and more.
Up to eight assignable dynamics processors for compression during recording or mixdown.
Dedicated Stereo Compressor on the stereo output.
Eight inputs: 4 XLR with phantom power double as 1/4" mic/line inputs, plus four more 1/4" mic/line inputs
Nineteen 45mm faders including master fader
LCD display for viewing meters and edit parameters
250 Virtual tracks
CD-RW drive to record Audio CDs, import/export WAV files and backup hard drive.
High-speed USB 2.0 jack connects to PC or Mac® for data backup and SMF/WAV file

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Roland - AR-200

TWO UNITS! AR-200 and AR-200R. Audio Recorders. Stereo RCA In, Balanced Jack outs, MIDI In, Out/Thru. AR-Link In and Out. Includes 32MB PM-032 PC ATA Card and 160MB Media Card. *Requires two 9 volt DC power supplies (Not included but we sell them new for $20 each. You could even just get one and use a reticulation cable)

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BOSS - BR-532

Digital Recording Studio. *No smart card*

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Zoom - HD16

Hard Disk Recording Studio. Onboard Drum machine and effects.
USB and MIDI connectivity.
Onboard CD burner too!
Requires 12 power supply - not included but we sell them new for $20.

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KORG - D16

24 Bit 16 track Digital Recording Studio. Requires 9 volt AC 4-pin power supply - Not included

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KORG - D888

8 Track Digital Recording Studio with XLR analog ins, USB 2.0 connectivity, 40 bit/44.1 kHz. Inboard reverb/echo.
Includes gig bag.
*100 volt, requires step-down transformer - INCLUDED

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Victor - XA-LM3

Lesson Master! Portable digital recorder. Onboard stereo microphones. Micro SD card slot. USB connectivity. Also has tuner, metronome, calendar onboard. Can also overdub!

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8 track Digital Recording Studio . **CD player not working** w/ 128MB Compact Flash

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Philips - Voice Tracer

2 Mic Dictaphone - Takes a Micro SD Card (none included). Very handy for recording song ideas on the go! COMES WITH awesome case that has a speaker built in! You can actually play your rehearsal recordings back to the band without having to hold your iPhone against the vocal mic in the jam room!

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Roland - VS-840EX

8 Track Digital Studio Workstation. Made in Japan. Internal ZIP Drive. Stereo Effects Processing.

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Korg - Toneworks Pandora PXR4

When it comes to pocket-size recording devices, nothing beats the PXR4. This petite four-track offers an impressive array of features in a package that's smaller than the average portable CD player. It records 16-bit audio and can output MPEG audio, which can be shared with a Mac or PC! w/pouch

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