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ADK - A-51S TypeIII

Large diaphragm tube condenser microphone. Includes cradle that needs new rubber bands and a LEEM PRA-12 Mic Pre, requires DV12V power supply not included, and bag.

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BeyerDynamic - M 420 N

Made in West Germany. PAIR. For use primarily on snares, rack toms, and hihats, and their extremely fast transient response helps them excel on those sources w/ pouch

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Mann - M21

Useful Gold Diaphragm Condenser Microphone. Vocals and acoustic instruments. w/ box and shock mount.

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Sennheiser - K3 U

*PAIR* of shotgun condenser microphones. Made in Germany. ME 80 heads.

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dB - DB-487N

Large 'Gold Diaghragm Condenser Microphone'. Very good condition. w/ pouch

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db Technologies - 281 Omni

Professional boundary layer condenser microphone.

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Calrec - CB20c

Made in the UK. PAIR. CB20C condenser mic bodies with CC50 cardioid capsules. Great for drum overheads. w/ (RODE) box + pouch

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AKG - C 414 EB

Made in Austria. 1970s. CLASSIC VINTAGE CONDENSER MULTI PATTERN LARGE DIAPHRAGM MIC. **Mesh somewhat crushed on one side but working great** w/ wooden case + Hercules stand & AKG shock mount + pop filter

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1" condenser microphone Made in Australia. Includes shockmount, pop filter.

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Stereo Condenser w/Case, Box, Leads, Wind protector, cilp.

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Cathedral Pipes - Notre Dame

Tube Mic. Made in Southern California, this microphone is an incredibly high quality take on a vintage Neumann U47. Fantastic build quality. It's big and thick sounding with a forward mid range, but is never harsh. This one has been used by Will Stratton. Also by Keiran Kelly.

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Audio-Technica - MB/DK6 Drum Microphone Pack 6

4 compact dynamic microphones and 2 condenser mics. Optimized for drums and percussion all-metal construction. includes 3 mounting clips in a fitted case.

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Behringer - C-1

Condenser Microphone With Clip

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AKAI - ACM-300

Made in Japan vintage Electret Condenser Microphone, 600 ohms, unidirectional, 1.5V AA battery powered, with cable, pop grill and box.

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AKAI - ACM-300

Made in Japan vintage Electret Condenser Microphone, 600 ohms, unidirectional, 1.5V AA battery powered, with cable, pop grill and box.

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Violet Design - The Dolly

Made in Latvia. High quality condenser microphone with pop shield, shock mount, short K & M boom stand, lead, box and paperwork.

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SONY - ECM-999

Made in Japan. Stereo Electret Condenser Microphone. Excellent condition. w/ pop shield + case **Requires unusual 5 pin mic cable not supplied**

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Samson - CL7

Large diaphragm condenser microphone. Great for vocals and acoustic instruments. w/ box , hard plastic case

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AKG - C 451E

Small Diaphragm Condenser Recording Microphone. Made in Austria. CK 1 capsule. Includes clip

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Audix - M1250

Condenser mic. Suitable for overheads or stringed instruments.

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