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Behringer - Eurolive VS1220F

high performance 600-watt PA speaker with 12" 8ohm Woofer and electro-dynamic driver. 150 Watts continuous, 600 watt peak,

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Mogami - Neutrik 4 - Way TRS Loom

High Quality 4 Channel Loom - 4 Lines each with Neutrik TRS Jacks. Great Condition. 3m Long.

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Softube - Console 1

Console 1 is the first-of-its-kind, award-winning solution that revolutionized mixing in the DAW. With its advanced control and feedback, you get a workflow that truly meets the demands of modern production. Mix with the sound of the included Solid State Logic SL 4000 E or load any of our supported channel strips—from British Class A to Weiss Gambit Series—and customize channels to your specs with 70+ plug-ins. Monitor levels, jump tracks, take total control of EQ, compression, gate, drive, width, and more.
Console 1 gives you the best of all worlds: the feeling of mixing on a console, the freedom of working in the box.
Includes USB cables and activation codes

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Rockboard by Warwick - Mod 3

All-in-one Patchbay - XLR & TRS. Excellent condition!

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Mackie - M48

48V Power Supply. For powering your condenser mics.

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JTS - MA-123

PAIR of In-Line Attenuators - 10, 20, and 30db Reductions.

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Denon - DN-C620

Broadcast quality CD player. Capable of playing commercial CDs and the ability to read and playback audio from CD-R and CD-RW data discs. Very good condition.

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Tascam - CD-500B

Excellent condition. Slot-loading CD player with a new transport, featuring brushless motors and an edge-grabbing mechanism to prevent disc damage. A front-panel 10-key pad is available for instant access to CD tracks, and flash start is available for instant playback. The CD-500B supports MP3 and WAV file playback from CD-ROM as well as traditional audio CDs. The TASCAM CD-500B includes 16% pitch control for CD playback speed. Other features include incremental play, fader start, Call/return to last play point, fade in/out, power on play and more. A variety of control and interface ports are found onto the rear panel. Both RCA unbalanced and XLR balanced analog outputs are provided, as well as S/PDIF and AES/EBU digital outputs.

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Denon - DN-C620

Broadcast quality CD player. Capable of playing commercial CDs and the ability to read and playback audio from CD-R and CD-RW data discs. Very good condition.

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Denon - DN-961FA

Made in Japan. Broadcast quality CD player. Recently serviced

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Audio Technica - AT8449a

Shockmount Cradle for Condenser Microphone - with carry bag and in excellent condition!

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Unbranded - Speaker Stands

Roadworn but ready to rock/roll

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JBL - EON 15 G2

PAIR. Two-Way Bi-Amplified 400W PA Speakers with 15" Woofer. High quality. Good condition. w/ manual

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Two Notes Audio Engineering - Torpedo Captor 16

100 Watt 16 Ohm Attenuator and Reactive Load Box. Analog speaker simulator, DI, for guitar or bass. Excellent Condition

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API - Lunchbox 500-6B (six slots)

Made in USA. Accepts all API standard 5.25" X 1.5" modules. Very good condition. w/ 3 stage daisy chain cable

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BluGuitar - BluBox

To get the best out of your guitar amplifier modeler pedal or processor, you need spot-on speaker cabinet emulation like the BluGuitar BluBOX impulse response speaker emulator. And with its speaker-level connections, you can use it with a traditional amplifier head or combo too. Using impulse responses created by recording a slew of classic speaker cabs, the BluBOX takes your modeled amp sound and delivers the punch and immediacy you'd expect from a well-miked guitar cab. Send your sound to the mixer via line output or via the transformer-balanced XLR to plug into a preamp. There's even a speaker output, so you can monitor through your own speaker cab while sending your emulated speaker to the PA. If you're using amplifier modeling, take your choice of speaker emulation seriously too: get the BluGuitar BluBOX. **IN EXCELLENT condition*

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Personal Processor Series Professional Microphone & Instrument Tube Preamplifier w/power supply & Box

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Australian Monitor - Multicore

30 metre multicore with stage box. 16 sends 4 returns. Heavy duty cable with XLR connections. Great condition!

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Warm Audio - WA12 MKII

312 Style Microphone Preamplifier. Fully discrete signal path. Cinemag USA Transformers. EXCELLENT CONDITION! Includes box and manuals

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Mackie - M48

48V Power Supply

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