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Radial - JPC

Stereo Computer DI Box. With Box Made in Canada

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Radial - JDX

Amplifier Direct Box with reactive load, to record Direct out from your amp. In Box. Requires 15VDC power supply, not included

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Sebatron - VMP-1000eVU

Audiophile quality single channel valve mic preamp, with phase reverse, -15 and -25db pads, EQ switching, Phantom power, DI input, VU Meter. With 3 Year Warranty.

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DBX - 166

Over Easy Compressor / Gate. Classic 1980s unit. Great for kick bass and distorted guitars.

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ART - S8

Eight channel high performance microphone splitter.

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Behringer - GI100

ULTRA-G Active DI Box / Virtual 4x12" Cabinet Simulator with Phantom Power. Designed by J. Rath

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ARTcessories - Zdirect

Passive DI box!

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ADA - Guitar Cabinet Simulator

Analog guitar cabinet simulator with enough variable parameter control to satisfy the most demanding stage, studio or bedroom guitarist.

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Midiman - BiPort 2x4s

MIDI Interface with SMPTE. Old skool! Syncs with Mac and PC, but are the old 9 pin din connection cables (included). Can be used as a MIDI merger box. Includes box, manual, cables and drivers on 3.5" floppy disc!

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Presonus - Monitor Station Remote

Studio Controller for the Presonus Firestudio.
Integrated surround sound/stereo speaker manager, input switcher and communication system.
With ethernet cable, manual, software CD and box

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KORG - 880A/D

Made in Japan. Soundlink DRS ADAT Optical Analog/Digital converter. 8 channel (2 x XLR, 6 x balanced/unbalanced jack) OLD SCHOOL

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Wittner - Taktell

Tic Toc. Mini time keeping device

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Giles Audio - VLA

'Voltage Levelling Amplifier' hand built tube compressor, made in Melbourne by Ross Giles, ultra high end studio quality audio.

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Giles Audio - VMP2

Hand built tube microphone pre-amp, made in Melbourne by Ross Giles. Ultra high end studio quality audio. With rack case.

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Astel - ADB-12

Passive DI with box.

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ROSS - PC-4110

Four channel 100 watt, 4Ω MONO powered mixer with reverb. Comes with 2 x 1x12" + horn R-122 speakers (Rated at 125 Watts/8Ω each).

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Unknown - Multi Speaker Selector

Select between 5 pairs of stereo speaker outputs

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Focusrite - VRM

Virtual Reference Monitoring.

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Fostex - 3010

16 stereo channel patchbay, all RCA.

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Hosa - Recording snake

8 channels of RCA to 1/4" recording snake

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