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Kaotica - Eyeball

The Eyeball is an acoustic treatment device designed to channel sound directly to a microphone, capturing every tone and frequency emitted by your voice. This allows the artist to hear their pure vocal tone for the first time and produce a professional level recording every time. The Eyeball minimises the need for sound re-enforcement while also complimenting any acoustically treated space.

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*SINGLE* Powered Speaker System. 45 watt 1x6" and tweeter.

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SM Pro audio - MPatch 5.1

Surround Sound Monitor Controller. Passive volume control mixer.

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SM Pro audio - iNano

Stereo in/out passive monitor control

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Combination CD, WAV and MP3 Player/Recorder.
Supports MP3 file recording and playback to/from CD and Memory. Record, play, and edit (divide, combine, erase, rename) WAV files to and from Memory Card.
Includes SanDisk Extreme III 8GB Compact Flash card

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Dbx - DriveRack PX

Complete Equalization & Loudspeaker Management System. Crossover/Graphic EQ/Parametric EQ/Auto-EQ/Limiter with the original condenser microphone. This allows for precise measurement of the audio in a recording space.

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Sebatron - VMP-4000e

A world renowned 4 channel valve preamp. ex-demo, as new, Versatile studio tool. Warm up your digital recordings. Great multi-purpose DI and mic pre. Solidly built. w/ box

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Professional tube preamplifier/compressor and box.

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Portable Memory Guitar Trainer. Includes box and manual
A great mobile guitar trainer - includes enough memory to store up to 240 songs. Guitar parts can be slowed down, looped and even eliminated to help you to learn new riffs. Play back MP3s using Variable Speed Audition, which slows down the speed without changing the pitch, and sections can be seamlessly looped while practising tricky passages.
Guitar input with onboard effects.
A tuner, metronome, and built-in rechargeable battery are also built-in.
USB connectivity.
* Requires 5 volt DC power supply (not included)

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ARTcessories - Xdirect

Active DI with phantom power. New Old Stock! Unused!

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JTS - In ear Monitors

AS NEW! Complete Package - Siem 111T UHF PLL In Ear Monitor Transmitter AND SIEM-111R Body-Pack Receiver! True L and R Stereo. Comes with Headphones, Manual and Box! **UNUSED new old stock*

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ART - Tube MP Studio V3

Personal Processor Series Professional Microphone & Instrument Tube Preamplifier w/power supply & Box and manual

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Alesis - MicTubeDuo

Two Channel microphone preamplifier. Includes box and manual.
* Also includes a Japanese 100 volt power supply - but you would need a step-down transformer (Not included). Or run it from your own 18 volt AC power supply if you have one (not very common! What would you be doing with one of those?! Ya freak!)

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Roland - MPU-401 Bundle

MIDI Processing Unit; an important but now obsolete interface for connecting MIDI-equipped electronic music hardware to personal computers. Designed to allow a MIDI recording setup, integrating a clock from your personal computer to run through the MPU401's DIN Sync out to a drum machine (TR 606 etc), as well as delegating the strenuous MIDI processing task to the offboard MPU401, so that less processing power was taken from your PC. This package is all Virtually AS NEW and in boxes, and includes the MPU-401, the MRC-IPC Midi Music Recorder Software 5" Floppy, AND the matching MIF-IPC Interface Kit/Circuit Board for direct installing into your IBM Personal Computer! Includes manuals AND A SCSI Cable!

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Radial - JDX

Amplifier Direct Box with reactive load, to record Direct out from your amp. In Box. Requires 15VDC power supply, not included

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ART - S8

Eight channel high performance microphone splitter.

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Midiman - BiPort 2x4s

MIDI Interface with SMPTE. Old skool! Syncs with Mac and PC, but are the old 9 pin din connection cables (included). Can be used as a MIDI merger box. Includes box, manual, cables and drivers on 3.5" floppy disc!

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Presonus - Monitor Station Remote

Studio Controller for the Presonus Firestudio.
Integrated surround sound/stereo speaker manager, input switcher and communication system.
With ethernet cable, manual, software CD and box

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KORG - 880A/D

Made in Japan. Soundlink DRS ADAT Optical Analog/Digital converter. 8 channel (2 x XLR, 6 x balanced/unbalanced jack) OLD SCHOOL

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Unknown - Multi Speaker Selector

Select between 5 pairs of stereo speaker outputs

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