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Dai-ICHI - SP12-50

Solid wooden boxes. 50 watts 8 ohms Dai-Ichi speakers. Good condition. W/- speaker leads.

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Peavey - IMPULSE 200

PAIR of Peavey Impulse 200 PA speakers. Hypervent Technology enclosure designed to be used as a full-range main or as a subwoofer. There is an unfiltered 1/4" input for full range operation, and a filtered input, 1/4" and Neutrik, with a low-pass filter @ 150Hz. This cabinet will handle 600 watts RMS program into 4 ohms 1200 watt peak. Made in USA

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Wharfedale - EUP-s15

200 watts continuous. 15 inch Plus tweeter.

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Bose - 101MM

Model 101 Music Monitor. Power Handling 10 - 60 WRMS. 4 Ohms. 1x5" each. Made in USA 1984. *PAIR *

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EMINENCE - PA Speaker Bins

*PAIR* 1x15" & horn 200-300 watts 8Ω. Passive. Good condition. Sound great!

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Abbey Sound - Foldback Wedge

Made in Melbourne, 12" speaker and horn, approx 75W.
* Converted to powered speaker at some stage. Power section now disconnected so it is like it was originally. If you're savvy with electronics and want to get it back to being a powered speaker, it has volume, parametric EQ and Cut/Boost controls on the side. Several resistors would need attention on the internal circuit board though.

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QTX Sound - QT6-PA

PAIR of 50 Watts, 8ohm Passive Monitors - 1 x 6" Woofer and 1" Tweeter.

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Bose - RoomMate II

*PAIR* Active/passive compact stage monitors. Rough condition. Missing covers. Made in USA. 1x6" each. Runs on mains or 12 volt DC.

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EV - SX300

Set of 2 300 watt 12" @ 8Ω two-way, high-efficiency passive speakers. Made in USA PAIR!

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Unknown - PA Speakers

2 x PA speaker cabinets with 12" Eminence speakers. Unknown rating. Can be used as floor foldback wedges or pole mounted.

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Carlsbro - EM 50

A pair of Passive fold back speakers, 50w 8ohm Dual cone speakers, volume control on each cab.

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Sound Solutions - Floor Monitors

PAIR of floor monitors. 1 x Etone 241 12 inch passive speaker & Zomax Horn, 1 x Lorantz speaker & acoustician horn.

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RCF - 15" Speaker

*PAIR* 15' PA speakers. Made in Italy. 8Ω **Passive - Wattage undetermined*

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Carlsbro - ST-4080

Vintage 1980's Made in the United Kingdom under the iron fist of Margaret Thatcher. 200 Watts, 8Ω! XLR In/Outs. 2 x 8" Drivers and Dual Tweeters! PAIR!

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Eminar - PA Speakers

PAIR 2 x 12 Lorantz Audio AlNiCo Speakers, 2 tweeters & a Horn! 100 Watts, 8 Ohms. HEAVY DUTY! Made In Melbourne!

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EV - EVID 3.2

SOS Personal Monitor System - With Broken Mic Adaptor but still works - the unique design enables the use of only one stand for your mic and monitor. It frees up stage space and puts the monitor closer to you for additional clarity.

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Custom Made - PA bins

PAIR with 2 x 9" and horn in each. Magnavox speakers. Made in Australia. 20 watts. 8 ohms.

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400 watt 8Ω 1x15", 1x8" & Horn. Great PA Speaker! ***MAKE US AN OFFER!

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