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K & K Sound Systems - Pure Resonator SB

Transducer pickup for spider bridge resonator guitar. made in USA. Includes box and manual. *New- unused

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Valencia - Pitch Pipe

6 note plastic for guitar

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L. R. Baggs - IMix Preamp Mixer pickup system

Onboard stereo mixer that combines the iBeam bridge plate transducer and the Element undersaddle pickup with an alldiscrete, class A, internal preamp. The system includes a soundhole-mounted volume/mix control (the Remote Control II) and Battery Bag

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Suhr - ML Mike Landau

Single Coil pickup for Stratocaster. Made in USA. 6.83k. Alnico V magnet. 4 conductor wiring.

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Seymour Duncan - Cool Rails

Single coil sized humbucker. For Stratocaster. SCR-1 Neck Made in USA. 9.9k

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Lollar - Strat Special

2014 Bridge single coil pickup for Stratocaster.
Hand made in USA.
From Lollar: "Our Strat Special offers a higher output Strat pickup design to give you a thick tone with round highs, smooth bottom end, and heavy Gibson-style attack and sustain. In positions 2 and 4 you get less quack than from other lower output Strat pickups. And compared with typical Strat pickups, the output from our Strat Special is noticeably higher and hotter. They will break up most amps faster and harder giving you an impressive range of vintage tones"

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Maton - Pickups

PAIR of Humbuckers pulled from a Maton Mastersound (circa 2012), Model numbers MBB2-0313 and MHNO-0313. 11.43k and 10.9k respectively.

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Seiko - ST-707

Guitar Tuner. With VU meter. Backlight too. Manual and auto functions. Tune guitars and basses.
That reminds me of a joke; "How do you confuse a bass player?"
"I dont' know, how do you confuse a bass player?"
"De-tune one of their strings and don't tell them which one!"
Ha ha ha (In Spanish; Ja Ja Ja!)
Although actually, the bass players that I know all have exceptional hearing and pitch identification skills. Scarily so! Probably the best in the group!
They're all freaks.....

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Session - Telecaster Pickups

Pair of telecaster pickups from a Session Tele copy. Bridge 6.1K, Neck 7.9K

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