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Tesla - VR-3

Bridge a clean, bright tone with a sweet sustain. This pickup was especially designed to achieve total tonal balance.

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Kinman - hx-62b MkIII

You will like aged sound with Zero-Hum, longer sustain, minimized fret buzz and a bolder and snappier vintage sound than the AVn-56 Mk-III. Only the non-aged models (Impersonator series) have more snap. 5.7K

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Seymour Duncan - Jazzmaster Humbuckers

Custom Shop humbuckers to fit into your Jazzmaster. Made in USA. 14.5k and 16k. Set of Two

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Guyatone - Pickup

Single coil. Taken from a Vintage Japanese Strat copy. 4.55k vintage output. Looks like reel Kwality

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DiMarzio - HS-2 DP116

AlNiCo V Magnet Stacked Humbucker in a single coil size! ~ 16.5kΩ With Four conductor wiring. Made in the USA.

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Squier - Pickups

Set of Three from a Japanese Squier. 6.4k, 6.3k.* One pickup dead. Can be re-wound

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Fender - Pickup

Single coil. Taken from a Made in USA '57 reissue Stratocaster (Bridge position). 5.96k

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Unknown - Humbucker

4k Neck humbucker

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Epiphone - Humbuckers

*PAIR* 6.9k and 6.4k neck humbucker pickups

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Fender - Grey bottom.

Vintage Fender Grey Bottom Pickup - Suit Strat, DuoSonic, Mustang, Musicman

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Bare Knuckle Pickups - Rebel Yell

Steve Stevens Signature Humbucker. Handwound in UK. 14.1k, with push/pull pot and box

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Unbranded - P-90 Pickup

Bridge 7.8K Ohms

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Seymour Duncan - STR-3

Neck pickup for your Telecaster. 11.8K Ohms, w/ box

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Seymour Duncan - STR-1

Neck pickup for Telecasters. Vintage output, cloth backed wire. 7.2K Ohm.

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Seymour Duncan - STL-1

Vintage '54 lead for tele, cloth back wiring, 6.5K Ohm, with box.

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GFS Electronics - P90 Pickup

A cheap P90 style neck pickup 7.79k ohms

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Gotoh - Strat Pickups

Set of 3 Stratocaster Pickups - Made in Japan - Loaded in a USA made pickguard (somewhat chewed up). Comes with a 5 way switch and single potentiometer!

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Kramer - Humbucker

80s Humbuckers, with springs and screws, approx 6K ohms

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Dimarzio - DP191

Air Classic Bridge Humbucker *USA [8.26k]

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Sheptone - Custom A/B

*PAIR* of humbuckers. Neck 8.11k and bridge 8.38k. Hand wound vintage PAF copies.

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