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Suzuki - No. 240

3/4 size Learner's violin with case and bow (bow needs re-hairing). Made in Japan.

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Atelier - Cello 4/4

Full size cello, 2007, student model, fine tuners, hard foam case, two bows.

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YAMAHA - 1/4 Size Violin

1/4 Size Violin with case and bow, needs bow hair replaced.

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Martinez - MMF-70E

Electric Florentine Mandoli! ! w/strap

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Melrose Banjo Company - 5 String Banjo

Handmade in USA 5 string banjo. 18 lug. Includes Tubaphone tone ring and case.

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Lanikai - LU-8

Nylon string Mandolin. Nice condition. w/ case

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Oakridge - Banjo-Ukelele

Banjolele! Good condition w/ case

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Just Poulsen - Ukulele

Hand Made in København (Copenhagen) in 1940s. Nice inlay work, all done by hand! * Just setup and serviced with new tuners and replacement bridge.

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Fender - Banjo

Open Back 5 String Banjo - 18 Lug.

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Baile - 120 Bass Accordion

120 Bass Accordion! 11 Register Settings. Made in China. In full working order. Comes with case!

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Karl Muller - Violin

Made in Germany 1986 by Karl Muller, Bow made by Otto Durschmict, with case, shoulder rest and bow.

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EXCELSIOR - Mod. 304

Made in Italy. Accordion. Smaller sized keys. 80 bass. *Strap upgraded with Italcinte Deluxe Padded Ergonomic Strap!* Nice condition. w/ case


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Suzuki - 266 Mandolin

Made in Japan. 1966. Bowl backed mandolin w/ rough case

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Strauss - VC500

Electric Violin! Passive Onboard Pickup with Volume and Tone Controls. w/case and shoulder rest.

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Suzuki - No. 220

1993 Made in Japan, 1/4 size, with Kun chinrest, rosin, bow, case AND stand.

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Unbranded - Electric Violin

Full size. With CV-210E Preamp! Purple! With case, bow, chin rest and rosin.

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Arco - Violin

1/10 size student violin, with case, two bows, rosin, chin rest.

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Unknown - Violin

Full size 4/4 Violin student model with new bow, spare bow, case, chin and shoulder rest. Needs sound post re-set, as is.

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Elettra - Accordion

120 Bass medium sized musette accordion. Freshly overhauled and retuned. Circa 1948. 3/4 reeds 3 - keyboard / 4 - bass.

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Goldtone - BT14

Banjo Cello 6 string Banjitar, hard rock maple neck, brass tone ring, with luxurious hard case.

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