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Hohner - Galaad

G/C 25 Button, 2 Row Professional Level Button Accordion! 50 Notes, 12 Bass Notes. Features 8 Accidentals, making it possible to play in any Key (if you're good enough). In AMAZING condition, and with original Case. Made in Germany Just tuned by "Capt Accordion"

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Hohner - Ariette 3002

'Ariette' Model made by Hohner - Cajun Accordion! Open key mechanism with 4 treble stops, 2 bass buttons, and traditional tuning. w/case

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Hohner - Erica

Button accordion in the key of G/C, with original box, immaculate condition

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Paolo Soprani - Professionale IV

1987 Made in Italy. Premium. 41 treble keys and 120 basses. There are 4 sets of treble reeds and 5 sets of bass reeds, including 13 treble switches plus master and 7 bass switches. Reset function. With Hard case

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Delicia - 120 Bass

Made in Czechoslovakia. Accordion. 7 Bass couplers. Very good condition. w/ case

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Americana - 120 Bass

Made in Italy. Accordion. Full working order. "Oboe", "master" and "Bassoon" controls. w/ case

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Frontalini - 48 Bass Piano Accordion

Made in Italy. Includes case and strap

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Settimio Soprani - Piano Accordion

120 bass w/case. Made in the small Town of Castelfidardo, Italy,

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Unknown - Button Accordion

Made in Russia. Key of C button accordion with bells on the bass.

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Baile - 60 Bass Accordion

60 Bass Piano Accordion, 5 reeds, with collection of accorion books and case

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Busilacchio - Challenge

12 Bass, Made In Italy, 25 Keys with hard case. Beautiful sounding smaller instrument.

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Scandalli - 120 Bass

120 bass, 6 bass couplers, 13 registers, new straps, made in Italy, with original case. With hard case

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Serenellini - 374

Hand made in Italy, 37 keys, 96 bass, 4 reeds, 11 registers, full Musette. With case.

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Baile - 16 Bass Accordion

16 Bass Piano Accordion w/Case

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Baile - 120 Bass Accordion

120 Bass Accordion! 11 Register Settings. Made in China. In full working order. Comes with case!

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Elettra - Accordion

120 Bass medium sized musette accordion. Freshly overhauled and retuned. Circa 1948. 3/4 reeds 3 - keyboard / 4 - bass.

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Giulietti - Model M52E

Made in Italy. 1970s. 140 Bass. Very good condition. Beautiful sound. Straps attached. w/ case

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Hohner - Button Accordion

Made in Germany, 8 bass, 2 row 21 button accordion, vintage condition but playable.

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Rock Chidley - Concertina

Made in London c.1880s, English concertina 48 button, 4 rows each end, rosewood ends, in original hardwood case.

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Hohner - VERDI III

120 bass. Vintage German circa 1930. Includes case

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