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Rech - Diablo Cymbal Set

21" Eclipse Ride. 18" Eclipse Crash. 16" Disease Crash. 13" Fusion Hi Hats . Very light use. w/ gig bag

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OLP - Stingray

5 String Officially Licensed by ERNIE BALL w/ G

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Behringer - MX400

Ultra low noise 4 channel line mixer w/ power supply

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Mooer - Tender Octaver MKI

Analog octave pedal, lower and upper octaves.

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Korg - PB-01

Pitch Black tuner pedal

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Mapex - Black Panther Snare

Made in Taiwan. Mapex die cast hoop. Brass. Piccolo 14" x 4" 10 lug *Includes Gator gig bag

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Cathedral Pipes - Notre Dame

Tube Mic. Made in Southern California, this microphone is an incredibly high quality take on a vintage Neumann U47. Fantastic build quality. It's big and thick sounding with a forward mid range, but is never harsh. This one has been used Will Stratton. Also by Keiran Kelly.

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Line 6 - MM4

Modulation Modeler.
The MM4 features spot-on models based on classic mod units like the brilliant optical tremolo found in the 1965 Fender® Deluxe Reverb® amp, the bias tremolo of the 1960 Vox® AC15, the legendary MXR® Phase 90 favored by Eddie Van Halen, and even the dripping phase effects of the funkadelic Mu-Tron® Bi-Phase. Step into the dimension of rotating speakers with models based on the Fender® Vibratone and the classic Leslie® 145. You’ll also get models based on a pair of MXR® and A/DA’s essential flangers, as well as the Boss® CE-1 Chorus Ensemble that made Andy Summer’s shimmering sound the cornerstone of the Police and the signature guitar sound of the Eighties.
Effects: • Opto Tremolo • Bias Tremolo • Phaser • Dual Phaser • Panned Phaser • U-Vibe • Rotary Drum • Rotary Drum & Horn • Analog Flanger • Jet Flanger • Analog Chorus • Dimension • Tri Chorus • Pitch Vibrato • Ring Modulator • Panner
Can run on batteries or 9 volt AC power supply (Not included but we sell them new for $39).

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Digitech - XP100

Whammy-Wah - Features all of the great Whammy Sounds that you love plus additional Wah Wah options. * Requires 9 volt AC power supply (Not included but we sell them new for $39)

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TC Electronic - spark mini Booster

send your guitar amplifier into glorious overdrive. Or just use it as a clean boost for a subtle volume increase during solos. Either way, the Spark Mini packs premium analog circuitry that won't degrade your tone. Even better, there's two ways to use this boost pedal - kick it on and off like any other pedal, or just hold the footswitch for a momentary boost.

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Roland - DR-45

Dynamic Microphone. Made in Japan. Includes box, pouch, cable and clip. Cardioid, 600Ω

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Ibanez - Talman TCY10

Intercity model. Acoustic-Electric cutaway with pickup. Incldes gig bag

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Native Instruments - Maschine Mk 1

Groundbreaking groove production system for fast, intuitive beatmaking. The power and flexibility of software meets the tactile immediacy of hardware! Ready to be registered by new owner. **Not compatible with YOSEMITE MAC OSX**

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KORG - EX-800

Programmable Polyphonic Synthe Module. Circa 1984! The module version of the Korg Poly 800!
Eight-voice instrument (two more than the Juno series) with 64 memory patches.
One DCO per voice, although it features a Double mode in which the oscillators can be stacked up for a fuller sound and only four voices of polyphony.
Includes power supply

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Ibanez - DE7

Delay/Echo. 30 ms to 2.6 sec clean digital or vintage tape sim delay.

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MXR - Distortion +

Overdrive. Vintage! Late 1970s USA block logo edition. Includes original box!

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MXR - Dyna Comp

Compressor. Original pre-LED edition mid-1970's USA! Includes original box and manual!

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Bias - Delay

1980s Analog Delay with original box.

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Weed - Sweet Drive

The Sweet DRIVE-GREEN is an overdrive pedal. This pedal’s crunchy settings are now a perfect match for tube amps.

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Martinez - MZP-BT1D-NST

3/4 size. Dao wood traveller guitar. Built in PICKUP and tuner

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