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Ckk - CL401 GEARS

vintage styled compression OTA circuit features a buffer signal so you retain your guitar's optimum tone whilst it's being compressed. The CKK Electronic Gears gives you a compression that has stunning quality, as well as evoking a classic edge to your guitar tone. .*BRAND NEW with Box*

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The Omni Boost consists of two boost types: fat gain and clean gain. The clean signal offers up to 20dB of boost, or can be turned to its minimum and act as buffer signal restoration. The fat boost setting increases the mid frequency and is suited to balancing and improving overdrive pedals. This pedal is suited to versatile guitarists who play both clean and driven songs.*BRAND NEW with Box*

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CKK - CL301 Water Drop

Made by Sinvertek Electronic Co. - The Water Drop is an awesomely obnoxious Chorus Pedal; Speed and Depth controls and joined by a very useful Filter Control; the three way width switch allows for traditional chorus sounds as well as over-the-top super bent vibrato. *BRAND NEW with Box*

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CKK - CL402 Q Cat

Made by Sinvertek Electronic Co. - The Q CAT is nice throaty Auto Wah - Standard Resonance, Frequency and Sensitivity controls as expected, but also features the handy bonus of a 'Recover' speed switch to meet the needs of different playing styles. *BRAND NEW with Box*

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