Paul Dalby, Instrument design & repair - Maton approved

Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Mandolin, Acoustic, Electric, Hollowbody etc.
Setup and repair, pickup wiring and installation, refretting
Custom instrument design

1st Floor, Music Swop Shop
145-147 Elgin Street,
Carlton, VIC 3053
0425 871 366

HOURS: Monday to Friday 11 AM to 2:30 PM
(Swop Shop staff can handle drop-off and pick-up outside these times)

(Prices are a guide only. Each job varies so please come in and chat to Paul for a more accurate quote)

Full setup $100 (maple fretboard extra for re-finishing)
Full set up -12 string $120

Refret - standard $350
Refret - bound fretboard $400
Refret - 12 string $400
Refret - Bass $350

Replace nut (bone) $50
Replace nut - 12 String $60
Re-glue bridge $60
Replace saddle $60
Replace output socket $35

Neck repair from $60
Re-glue Bracing from $60
Rewire electrics: Solid body $50
Rewire electrics: Hollow body $75

Pickup installation - One pickup $35
Two pickups $45
Three pickups $50
Acoustic under-saddle pickup (Not including pickup) $50
Acoustic under-saddle pickup & Preamp (Not including pickup) $100

*Prices subject to change without notice

Opening hours

Weekdays (
Mon-Fri):  11 am - 6 pm 

Weekends (Sat-Sun):  11 am - 3 pm



145-147 Elgin Street 

Carlton, Victoria 3053 


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