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Unbranded - Bass Cabinet

1x15" 8 ohm approx 100 - 200 watts. Supposedly a Marshall speaker. On castors

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Warwick - 115 Pro

Fundamental bass with a well balanced midrange. A great woofer, and standalone for deep, fat tones. 300W at 8 ohms. resonant frequency: 35Hz. frequency range: 30Hz-3000Hz) Bass reflex housing. Weight: 29 kg

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Carvin - BR410N4

4x10" 1200 Watt at 4Ω bass cab. On castors.

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Aguilar - DB 112

300 watts, 8 ohm, Ported cab. Tweeter control and, speakon and jack connections. Excellent condition. Made in New York. Quality.

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Hartke - VX410

400 watt 4x10" & horn @ 8Ω *On Castors!*

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Eden - EX410SC

4x10" Bass cabinet. 400 watts 8 ohm.

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SMART POWER 4x10" Cab! Looks like a 2x10" but actually has two speakers mounted behind the front two! 1200 Watts @ 8Ω! Small and compact but will destroy you! Completely sealed Isobaric Cab!

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Nessel - Bass Cabinet

1 x 15" speaker cab with two tweeters! Comes with castors in a cosy little cabinet.

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Gallien-Krueger - 210BLX II

2 x 10" 200 watts 8 ohms.
AS IS - speakers are a little tired

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Hughes & Kettner - BC410

Made in Germany. 4x10" bass cabinet. 8 ohms. 300 watts. w/ castors

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Ampeg - B410HE

200 watt 4 x 10" & tweeter @ 8Ω

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EMINENCE - 410 Speaker Cab

8 ohm cab on wheels, unknown power but should be at least 300W.

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Ashdown - MAG 410T DEEP

450 Watt 4X10" & Horn @ 8Ω (gaffer on 1 speaker, still operational, and sounding good)

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Warwick - W411 Pro

8 ohm 600w 4x10 speaker cab with horn and attenuator, covering is a bit rock n roll ripped, but works fine.

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Gauss - Speaker Bin

1x15" approx 200-300 watts 4Ω

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Peavey - 115

Made USA, 8 ohms, 150 Watt 1X15" Black Widow Speaker reconed recently.

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