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Marshall - DSL100H

100 Watt Valve Head - Triode/Pentode Switchable - FX Loop - 3 Channel With Reverb.

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ValveTone - Hilite 45

Hand Wired point-to-point "HIWATT DR103 Themed" 45 watt Valve Head Running EL34 power valves with Master Volume. Clean Headroom, good platform for Pedals! 4 & 8 Ω outputs. Hand crafted in Australia.

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Egnater - Tweaker

Model LT1506. 15 Watts Tube Head, 2 x 6V6 Power Tubes, 3 x 12AX7 Pre-amp Tubes, Master Volume, Gain and 3-Band EQ, Modern/Vintage Amp , Voicing Switch Buffered Effects Loop, Selectable AC, British and ,American Tone Controls, Clean/Hot Gain Selector, Tight & Bright Voicing Switches, 100V / 120V / 230V.

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HIWATT - High Gain 50

2 Channel 50 Watt all valve head. Valve spring reverb.

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VOX - AC50 Mk II

Vintage 1965 Made in England - JMI. All valve head 50 Watt Twin Channel Head. Also Known as the AC50/4 - Two Channels (Normal and Brilliant) with Hi and Lo input on each. 2 x EL34 Power Tubes with 1 x GZ34 Tube Rectifier. "Big Box" model but made before they switched to a solid state rectifier. **Input transformer replaced with Dagnell Electronics 240V PT. Original Woden Output and Choke Transformers* **Newer Style replacement grille cloth.** INCLUDES AN XLR-1/4 SPEAKER CABLE.

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ValveTone - YP25

8 and 16 ohm speaker outputs, can also drive 4 ohm cabs
All valve, 25 watts, 2 x EL34, 3 x 12AX7
Australian made, fully hand wired point-to-point.
Marshall JCM800 2204 Themed
Master Volume controls level without substantial tone change

Brand New with 12 month warranty!

Single input, with pad switch to adjust gain
Wide tonal choice with 3-way tonestack plus presence control

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Fender - Bassman 70

Vintage 1979 All Valve head. Made in USA. Silver face.
Running 6L6 tubes. Nice pair of JJs currently installed and working well.
240 Volt Factory Transformer.

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Valvetone - IMPACT MkIV

Australian made, hand wired, point-to-point.
All valve 2 watts, using 2 x 6F4P and 1 x 12AX7
Master Volume control. 8 hm speaker output, can also drive 4 or 16 ohm cabs.
Footswitchable gain boost (not included)
Single tone control, augmented by 3-way 'gain' and 'bright' switches
Line Out socket for connection to mixing desk or larger amp
Includes spare set of 6F4P output valves

Brand New with 12 month warranty!

In RARE Surf Green Tolexed Hardshell!
Check out:

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Marshall - JMP

1974 Marshall JMP 50 watt, (Type Bass STOCK NO 1986 Model, converted to lead), volume I and II pots, 4 input. Matching 1974 Marshall 1960a 100 watt angle front cabinet, Celestion G12 M 25 watt 16 ohm Black back speakers. *Cabinet Badge included but not currently attached* More detailed photos here -

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Hughes & Kettner - TriAmp

Mark III. 150-watt Dual 3-channel Programmable Tube Head.
Equipped with a trio of independent power amp sections that can be used independently or combined.
DI output with Ambience Emulation, full MIDI control and onboard noise gate.
Made in Germany.
Includes MIDI footboard.

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ValveTone - Juno 30

• '59 Bassman themed.
• 8 and 16 ohm speaker outputs, but can also drive 4 ohm cabs.
• All valve. 30 watts. Using 2 x 6L6GC, 2 x 12AX7, 1 x 12AY7 valves.
• Australian made, hand-wired, point-to-point.
• Master Volume control to allow overdrive at any volume.
• Single input, with mixable bright and dark input channels.
• Wide tonal choice with three-way tonestack plus presence control.

• Prototype/demonstration model with 3 month warranty.

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DV MARK - Little 40 II

40 watt all valve head. Running EL34 tubes.
2 channels with onboard reverb. Onboard pedal circuit on channel two.
Very cool and versatile! Made in Italy.

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BluGuitar - Amp1

Iridium Edition. Tone Innovation Nanotube 100. Pedal sized guitar amp, 100 Watts, Four channels from Clean to Vintage, to Classic and Modern. 16 and 8 ohm speaker outputs, effects loop, record out, built in reverb. with carry bag.

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An ultra-compact head amp that you can easily carry in one hand. Only 540 grams. In spite of its size, monster-class sound power with 50W output! Nutube Class D Guitar Amp Head 50w-4 Ohms, 25w-8Ohm, 12.5w-16 Ohm. With box and PSU.

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Marshall - JCM 900

Model 2100. 100w Hi Gain Master Volume MKIII. The rarer early model 900, quite similar to the late 800s.

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Unbranded - Bassman 100 copy

Made in New Zealand. Early 1980's/. Circuitry based on Bassman 100. Good condition.

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Ashdown - ABM 500 EVO III

500 watt BASS MAGNIFIER. 3-band EQ rotary controls - DI out Pre-Post EQ - Tuner out - Valve/Drive Control - Built in Compressor - Sub Octave Harmonic Control. Great Condition.

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Marshall - JCM 900 Model 4100

Original Issue USA - 2 Channel 100 watt Hi Gain Dual Reverb. *Reverb No Go!* Sounds awesome!

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Line 6 - SPIDER Valve MKII HD100

100 watt valve head, designed by Bogner! Onboard amp modelling and effects. W/ FBV Express MKII footpedal.

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Lenard - SGB 200

1970's Made in Australia! 120 / 200 watts Vintage Valve Head Running a quartet of EL34's (2 x EL34s currently removed - normally takes 6 x EL34s) - HUGE Transformers! All Original (Case has been reinforced with heavy duty plastic corners). Loud!!! w/speaker lead

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