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Klark-Teknik - 76-KT

A homage to the classic 1176LN FET Compressor for hard and fast compression. Can be used to great effect on kick drum, acoustic guitars and vocals. Excellent condition. w/ box and manual

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Golden Age - PRE-73 MKI

Neve 1073 voiced analog mic pre. Some rack rash. w/ power supply.

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Behringer - ADA8000


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LA Audio - 4C2

4 channel multi-band compressor with sidechain inputs.

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BOSS - CE-300

Super Chorus *Classic 1986 Made in Japan! Vintage!* 100V - requires step down transformer to run with 240V.* Sounds great!

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Maxon - DM 1000

Made in Japan. Digital delay. *100V - requires step down transformer to work at 240V*

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Sebatron - SMAC

SMAC is a Stereo Musical Audio Compressor (or two channel mono) that uses optical gain reduction cells (two per channel or ‘dual-servo’) to perform quality transparent audio compression, peak limiting, and automatic audio leveling control. Mint condition. Comes with manual, box and power lead. Ex-Demo
3 year warranty!
Stereo/Two Channel Linkable Class A Optical Compressor.
With box and manual

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Focusrite - Platinum Voice Master

Phantom Power, Noise Reduction, Vocal Sturator, Opto Compressor, Voice Optimised EQ and Opto De-Esser. w/manual

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Focusrite - ISA Two

Classic Dual Mono Transformer-based Microphone Preamp.
Brings together a totally independent pair of classic ISA microphone preamps from the original ISA 110 module, combining the best of traditional solid-state electronics with the original input transformer specified by Rupert Neve – the Lundahl LL1538.
Excellent condition. Includes box and manual

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FOSTEX - 3180

Dual Spring Reverb Unit - Made in Japan. Stereo Channels.

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Behringer - ADA8200

ULTRAGAIN PRO-8 DIGITAL 8 Channel ADAT Audio interface. Midas Preamps. Expand your soundcard via ADAT with an extra 8 channels! w/Box + manual

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Vault Audio - 1176LN Clone Compressor

Handwired clone of one of the most revered studio compressors of all time. On an early MNATs Rev H board, Made in Australia. Lundahl output transformer, matched FETs, mogami cabling, rotary switches for ratios. (Badged UREI but it's not UREI.) Includes 2 short XLR cables

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DBX - 231

Dual 31 Band Graphic Equalizer. With 4 x 1 metre XLR.
AS IS - missing 2k slider knob on channel 1/L

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TC Electronic - G Major

Multi Effects Processor for guitar. Jog wheels missing the plastic wheels, but still working.

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MXR - 31 Band eq

Rack mounted late 70s EQ

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Presonus - EQ3B

3 Band Parametric Equalizer. Requires 16VAC psu!

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AER - Pocket Tools Colourizer

A preamplifier for instrument or microphone (vocal or instrument microphone). You insert it into the signal chain between source and next point in the audio path (e.g. amplifier or mixing desk)to produce sound improvement – your signal will be stronger, richer and more stable. w/ pouch

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Lexicon - LXP-1

1/2 rack space multi effects unit Made in USA w/power supply

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Compressor /Limiter / Noise gate ( 1/2 rack size ). Made in Japan. * Requires 9 volt DC power supply (Not included but we sell them new for $20)

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Behringer - EX 3100

Ultrafex II Multiband sound enhancement processor

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