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Darkglass Electronics - Microtubes B3k

CMOS Bass Overdrive. All the features of the original with the ability to restore mids. Attack switch replaced by a tone knob on this version. A faithful reproduction of the original!/w box and sticker

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Warm Audio - Jet Phaser

Authentic recreation of the famous Roland phaser/fuzz. w/ box, manual and 18v power supply.

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Phase Shifter - Made in Taiwan

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Made in Malaysia - Super Overdrive

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Tube reverb pedal w/PSU

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Ibanez - BC 9

Made in Japan. Bi-Mode Chorus.1980s classic. Running Panasonic BBD MN3102 and MN3207 chips, the Ibanez BC 9 Bi-Mode Chorus features two oscillators, two outputs, two speed adjustments and two width adjustments. Very good condition with original box and manual.

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Ibanez - DL10

Digital Delay Made in Japan 1982-83. Comes with original box and manual!

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Boss - CS-3

Compression Sustainer! Black label mad in Taiwan

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DUNLOP - Volume X

The Volume (X) Pedal controls volume and FX parameters, featuring fully adjustable rocker tension and and a Low Friction Band-Drive for ultimate durability—all in a pedalboard-friendly housing.

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Xotic Effects - SL Drive

Overdrive. 'Marshall in a Pedal!' Made in USA

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Earthquaker Devices - Space Spiral

The Space Spiral is a dark and dreamy modulated delay designed to take you across the highways of fantasy. While the delay may be designed around a “dawn of digital” echo processor, the sound is out of this world, man. If you are a fan of the dreary echoes produced by old oil can delays or the ethereal sound of a well-loved tape delay, the Space Spiral is totally going to tickle your tone bone.

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Jam Pedals - Tube Dreamer +

Vintage overdrive. A Tubedreamer 72 with a High Gain stage. Made with carbon comp resistors for a pure vintage sound. w/ box + literature

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Strymon - Deco

Tape saturation & doubletracker. Tape sounds without all the maintenance. w/ box, PSU and manual

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Boss - SD-1

Made in Malaysia - Super Overdrive w/ box and manual

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Tech 21 - Dp-3x

Super compact version of Dug Pinnick's signature head. Drive, chunk, comp and gain with an onboard tuner, w/manual, power supply and novelty tin

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MXR - M195

Noise clamp. Excellent Condition! w/ box

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Passionately designed by the master engineers at BOSS in Japan, the Waza Craft SD-1W Super Overdrive delivers a premium stomp experience that fans of customized pedal tone will love. Crafted with an ear for highly refined sound, the SD-1W hot rods the famous BOSS overdrive with all-discrete analog circuitry. Standard mode captures the classic SD-1 sound while Custom mode offers new tonal range and gain. With box & manual

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TC Electronic - Pipeline

Tap Tremolo with the TC toneprint. w/ box and sticker - Excellent condition

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ENO - Pt-21

Compact Tuner pedal. w/box

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Rowin - Noise Gate

True Bypass. Compact and usable.

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