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Korg - Lambda ES-50

Vintage Japan. The Korg Lambda is a fully polyphonic, 48-key synth. It has two types of sound, percussion and ensemble. Chorus doesn't work on percussion section. Brass sounds are no go. 110v (Stepdown transformer no included)

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Roland - JV-880

Multi Timbral synth module. Rack-mount version of the JV-80 keyboard and features powerful multi-timbral capabilities combined with impressive sound editing capability, all in a 1U rack space. w/ manual

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Casio - CTK-551

100 different tones. Lowest octave keys not working.

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Farfisa - Compact Fast 2/E

Model C2-E/144 - Made in Italy 1960s/1970's! Classic Cheesemaker organ with screw-in legs. Fantastic 'Prince of Persia' Tones. Recently Tuned! w/legs

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Korg - Minilogue

A next-generation polyphonic analog synthesizer. 37 slim-key fully programmable. Requires korg 9volt psu *not included*

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Elektron - Digitone

8 Voice Polyphonic Digital Synthesizer. Made in Sweden. Excellent condition! w/ manuals and PSU

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Moog - Etherwave Theremin

Woooooooooooooo! Comes with power supply and tuning tool.

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KORG - Volca Modular

A semi-modular analog synthesizer. Excellent condition. w/ box + patch cables + manuals. Excellent condition. Would suit new buyer

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Korg - Volca bass

Analog Bass Synth Module and Sequencer. 100% Analog Bass Grooves.

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Roland - SE-02

A collaborative effort with Studio Electronics. Discrete analog circuitry with knob-per-function interface. Three voltage controlled oscillators with six waveforms. With PSU.

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AI2 Synthesis system, 8MB of PCM wave form memory. 430 Multi sounds and 215 drum/percussion sounds, 32 note polyphony. Includes gig bag & power supply**

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Novation - Circuit

Two Novation polysynths and a four-part drum machine, combined with an intuitive grid-based sequencer. USB + midi. w/ manual, power supply + cables

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SOLD Enquire

Moog - MiniMoog Model D

Vintage 1972 MiniMoog! An absolute analog classic!
The world's first portable synthesizer that served as the archetype for all electronic keyboards that followed.
Dubbed "The most famous synthesizer in music history"!
* Complete service in 2021 by Echigoya Japan.
Variable voltage to work anywhere in the world.
As used by Stevie Wonder, Pink Floyd, Parliament, Sun Ra, Herbie Hancock, Dick Hyman, Chick Corea, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Rick  Wakeman, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Gary Numan, Abba, Giorgio Moroder, David Bowie, Brian Eno and countless others...!
Includes a case

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$16,500.00 Enquire

Oberheim - OB•32

OB THREE SQUARED / OB3-2 Drawbar Organ Keyboard.
Very cool Hammond style electronic organ.
Awesome sound!
Includes power supply and manual

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Vintage 1980's Made in Japan - 6 Voice ANALOG Synth with Digital Control! Akai's answer to the ever infamous Juno-106 by Roland; the AX60 offers everything the Juno 106 has WITH the addition of multi-option voice split AND Arpeggiation, making the AX60 an absolute BEAST. ***This unit requires basic calibration to equalise the Voice volumes/outputs and needs one display panel to be refastened but is otherwise in good working order. *** Includes hard case

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Roland - Juno 6 or 60 Enclosure Case Base

Vintage 1980's Original wooden base/chassis for the Juno 6 or Juno 60 Synthesisers. Taken from a Juno 6 - In very good order! Perfect for replacing that old heavily worn or water damaged base!

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Casio - XW-G1

The XW-G1 groove synthesizer is designed for the DJ and club performer providing an interactive step sequencer and a sample looper for digitally capturing performance patterns and external instruments.
6 Oscillator Monophonic Solo Synthesizer
Sample Looper
Sample Player
6 Oscillator Monophonic Solo Synthesizer
Sample Looper – Up to 19 Seconds of sampling time
Sample Player – 10 user tones with up to 5 samples each can be stored in Flash Memory for instant recall
300 fully editable PCM based sounds
Step Sequencer with 9 instrument tracks and 4 controller tracks
16 step programmable Arpeggiator
Phrase sequencer to record and playback your riffs
Performance mode providing 4 internal or external instrument zones with instant recall of effects, Step Sequences, Arpeggiators and Phrases
4 real-time controller knobs
Pitch and Modulation Wheels
1/4" Mic and Line puts to process your voice or other instruments
Stereo 1/8" line input to connect an MP3 player, laptop or tablet
USB and MIDI ports
1/4" Line Outputs

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Casio - CT-310

Vintage 1980's Made In Japan - Metallic Brown! Features 12 Preset Tones INCLUDING 'FUNNY' (Basically a funky Frog sound). 12 Built in Rhythm Patterns with Arpeggio accompaniment. w/ casio stand bottom

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Behringer - RD-8

Mk II, analog, 16 sounds, 11 simultaneous voices, separate controls for different drums, Midi in/out Excellent condition. w/ box, manual and PSU

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Novation - Bass Station II

Analogue Bass Synthesizer Module! 25 key synth action keyboard. Assignable pitch wheel, Octave up/down buttons. 64 Factory presets. Pattern-based Step Sequencer and Arpeggiator! Dedicated Tweakable Controls - Two Oscillators plus an additional Sub Oscillator! w/Manual & PSU and carry bag

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