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Novation - Bass Station II

Analogue Bass Synthesizer Module! Pattern-based Step Sequencer and Arpeggiator! Dedicated Tweakable Controls - Two Oscillators plus an additional Sub Oscillator!

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M-AUDIO - Oxygen 49

49 Key USB MIDI Controller! Pitch and Mod wheels, 9 sliders, 8 rotary controls. Missing knob and slider top. With USB cable and sustain pedal.

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Hohner - PIANET T

Vintage 1970's Made in Germany - A classic electromechanical piano. Uses flat reed/tines just like the Wurlitzer 200 series. Passive output. **FULLY REFURBISHED BY OEM ELECTRONICS - Brand new set of 'sticky pads' fine tuned, and volume adjusted for completely even output. Gig/recording ready.

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Roland - JX-3P

Programmable Preset Polyphonic Analog synthesiser. Midi connectivity. A super atmosphere machine like the Juno and Jupiter series. Very good condition.

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88-Key Home Digital Piano with Graded Hammer Action, built-in 12-watt stereo amplifier and stereo speakers. Range of sounds, Grand Piano, Electric Piano, Pipe Organ, Strings and more. Reverb and midi out. With power supply, stool, sustain pedal & gig bag

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synth and drum sounds plus loop recording. Use two loops to create DJ-like mixes. Use the internal mic to record guitar, vocals, or other audio sources. with touch slider for ease of use, microSD card slot for data saving, plus a built-in speaker and mic.

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Clavia - Nord Electro 4D

SW61, 61 semi-weighted waterfall keys. Industry standard of Electromechanical Keyboard emulation! High Quality Hammond B3, Vox Continental and Farfisa Organ models as well as a Fantastic range of Electromechanical Pianos including Rhodes, Clavinet, Harpsichord, Wurlitzer. Also features EQ and preamp options and a plethora of built in effects. Includes Manual and Software CD.

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AKAI - MPKmini

25 Keys portable keyboard, with 8 Pads, 8 rotary controllers and arpeggiator. USB MIDI Controller. Includes two USB cables, manual and box..

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ARP - Odyssey Module

Tap into a classic analogue synth packed with plenty of high-tech features when you add the Korg ARP Odyssey Module Rev1 duophonic synthesizer. Unlike the original, this one doesn't use a keyboard to produce sounds. Instead, the device uses DAW controls to make it more compact, even though it contains the same circuitry as the original model. DAW capabilities let you connect this to other digital instruments. If you prefer to use a sequencer or keyboard, you can hook one of those up to the ARP Odyssey via MIDI. *Excellent Condition with PSU*

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Roland - SH-101

Vintage 1980's Made in Japan. Monophonic synth. Features Full ADSR Envelope, PWM and Arpeggiator. Great Sounds! Includes PSU.

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Evolution - Mk-449c

USB/MIDI Keyboard with 49 keys. Includes box

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Korg - microKORG

Synthesiser and Vocoder! - 37 mini-keys with velocity sensing - 4-Voice Analog Modelling synth engine with 128 completely editable presets! Super Compact and Powerful little synth! *Key Contacts recently refurbished by OEM Electronics to ensure perfect velocity sensitivity response*

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Trogotronic - ms679 Gran Fury

In rare moments of clarity we’ve long glimpsed a brutish dream burning in the solder smoke: A compact valve synth’ capable of the specular analog displays that make high voltage tubes essential for any serious electronic music aficionado. Building upon the legacy of the 676 Fury the 679 Gran Fury has 8x the patches, 150% more oscillating power, 120% more cv inputs & adds a synth bypass mode to double as a filthy tube distortion unit—repackaged in a low profile, rugged cast aluminum case. Further we applied a button interface pioneered on our 669 MiniSynth to enable unprecedented rapid attack. The sound? Curiously akin to R. Lee Ermey switching on the kilowatt floods & screaming through an Orange Full-stack set to “11” first thing the morning after an all-night gin bender; i.e. relentless punishment applied to all head-holes within audio range.

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Moog - DFAM

Drummer From Another Mother (DFAM) is a highly-interactive, Semi-Modular Analog Percussion Synthesizer and analogue sequencer w/ patch cables + PSU + manuals

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Novation - Mini Nova

Syntheziser, vocoder, step sequencer, built in effects, USB connectivity.
Excellent condition! Still has the plastic on the display!
Includes microphone, power supply and carry bag.

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Music Synthesizer! 1990's Made in Japan. AMAZINGLY COOL SOUNDS! Think Blade Runner and Akira. Includes power supply and manual

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KORG - microKORG

Made in Japan. Synthesizer/Vocoder Includes condenser microphone and box. * Runs on batteries or 9 volt DC power supply (not included but we sell them new for $24). Missing battery door.

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Vintage 1980's Made in Japan - FM Synthesis Music Programmer Computer!
Comes with original Power Supply NP 55150 (rare!) and YRM-101 FM Music Composer Cartridge.
ALSO includes YAMAHA YK-10 keyboard!

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KORG - Monologue

Fully programmable mono synth contains a 25-key system, knob-per-function, generate powerful basslines and sharp leads, built in step sequencer. *New Tempo Potentiometer for improved BPM clock stability* Fantastic condition in METALLIC RED! In original box w/PSU

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KORG - PolySix

Vintage Made in Japan 1981.
Very warm and soft sounding real analog brassy tones with built in chorus + ensemble!
At the time of its release, the Polysix, along with the contemporary Roland Juno-6, was one of the first affordably priced polyphonic analog synthesizers. It cost about twice as much as the competing Juno-6 but had more features. It also had on-board patch storage and backup which the cheaper Juno lacked until the upgraded Juno-60 model.
Korg developed the Polysix with an eye on the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, trying to provide some of the features found on the more expensive synth in a compact, reliable and much cheaper design. It used SSM2044 4-pole voltage-controlled filters, giving the Polysix a warm, rounded, and organic sound.
Although the Polysix only had one oscillator per voice, it also featured built in chorus, phaser, and 'ensemble' effects (using a 'bucket brigade' analog delay line design), to provide a fuller sound.

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