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Martin - MA130

SILK n STEEL acoustic strings set (11.5 to 47) Silk and Steel strings are ideal for fingerstyle players who prefer to play a steel string guitar and want a mellower sound and softer feel - similar to a nylon string guitar.

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ELIXIR - Nanoweb

Phosphor Bronze acoustic guitar strings. Extra ultra thin coating makes strings last 3 to 5 times longer! Available in three gauges: 11 - 52 Custom Light, 12 - 53 Light, and 13 - 56 Medium. (rrp $38.50) Swoppy price $30

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THOMASTIK-INFELD - Plectrum 12 string set

Tin Coated Plain Trebles .12 string set Flat wound ADG (RRP $49.95)


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THOMASTIK-INFELD - Plectrum Strings

Soft Sounding acoustic strings with low tension on the bottom end.
Plain strings are made of brass coated steel. Wound strings have a silk inlay combination with highly flexible steel core.
Tin Coated Plain Trebles .012 - .059.
(rrp $37.95)


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THOMASTIK-INFELD - Plectrum Strings

lower overall tension, hybrid arrangement of flatwounds (A,D,G) with roundwound low E, and silk inlays (for precise overtone balance) .Available AC110 (10-41) and AC111 (11-50
(rrp $36.95)


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Martin - M550

Phosphor Bronze Medium Gauge 13-56 Acoustic Guitar Strings (rrp $12.95)

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Martin - MA540

Phosphor Bronze Light Gauge 12-54 Acoustic Guitar Strings (rrp $16.95) Swoppy price $15

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Martin - MSP4400 12 string set

Phosphor Bronze Light Gauge For 12 String * .010 - .047

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D'addario - EJ's

Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings
Gauges 10-47, 11-52, 12-53, 13-56.
RRP $23.99

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